Urban Pipe Network, With ERA


Water is the source of life and the most indispensable thing in our daily life. People living in water-rich areas may not be aware of this, but for people in Enshi who are short of water, it can be said that they have a deep understanding.

Over the years, "listening to the sound of water, watching the flow of water, and drinking water as expensive as oil" has been a vivid portrayal of the difficulty of drinking water in many places in Enshi City. It is also an unspeakable pain for the hospitable people of Enshi. Now, the villagers in Enshi have finally gotten rid of the difficulty of drinking water. When the tap is turned on, a stream of sweet water flows from the pipe.

These beautiful changes are all thanks to the water conservancy poverty alleviation project in Enshi City. It is worth mentioning that ERA's PE water supply pipe is used in the rural drinking water safety consolidation and improvement project in the Enshi Water Conservancy Poverty Alleviation Project. In order to help the villagers in Enshi get rid of the plight of water shortage, ERA has also contributed its own strength.


In the northeastern part of Guangdong Province, there is a city that is the final formation, settlement and reproduction place of the Hakka people in history, and it is also the ancestral home and spiritual home of Hakka overseas Chinese all over the world. The city is Meizhou. Speaking of the development of Meizhou, Jiangnan New Town undoubtedly plays a pivotal role. What has propelled Jiangnan New Town from the former urban fringe to become a "sweet pastry" where major brand real estate companies are vying to settle in? As the saying goes, "roads lead to wealth", and transportation is the blood of a city. Jiangnan New Town's "five vertical and five horizontal" municipal road network is almost entirely built according to the high standard of two-way six-lane or eight-lane. The road network extending in all directions has pushed Jiangnan New Town and even Meizhou to the fast lane of development. Overlooking the entire Jiangnan New City from a high altitude, high-rise buildings rise from the ground, tower cranes stand in rows, and the expressway is full of traffic and streams.

Behind the visible prosperity, there are countless invisible pipeline network construction projects working silently. ERA was fortunate to participate in the municipal infrastructure project of the underground comprehensive pipe gallery in Jiangnan New City, Meizhou City, and stood out in the whole project with the PE double-wall corrugated pipe and HDPE hollow-wall winding pipe with excellent performance, which demonstrated ERA in the underground pipe gallery rain and sewage discharge The power of hesitation.


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