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ERA PVC Pipe Thread Fittings Brass Female Thread Bridge
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1. Non toxic and environmentally friendly
The raw material molecules of ppr plastic pipe are only carbon and hydrogen, and there are no harmful and toxic elements, so it is very sanitary and reliable. it can be used not only in cold and hot water pipes, but also in pure drinking water systems.
2. Heat preservation and energy conservation
The thermal conductivity of ppr plastic pipe is 0.21w/mk, which is only 1/200 of that of steel pipe.
3. Heat resistance
The Vicat softening point of the ppr plastic pipe is 131.5 ℃, and its working temperature can reach 95 ℃, which can also meet the use requirements of the hot water system in the building water supply and drainage specifications.
4. Long service life
Generally, the service life of ppr plastic pipe can be as long as 50 years or more under the working temperature of 70 ℃, the working pressure of 1.0MPa, and the service life of 20 ℃ at room temperature can be as long as 100 years or more.
5. Easy installation
Ppr plastic pipe has very good welding performance. Pipes and pipe fittings can be connected by hot melting and electric melting, so it is very convenient to install and the joint is very reliable. The strength of the connection part will be greater than the strength of the pipe itself
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1. Hygiene: no chemical action, it is a green building material with reliable hygienic performance.
2. The installation is convenient, reliable and time-saving.
3. Heat preservation and energy saving, with little heat loss for hot water pipeline.
4. Light weight, high strength, good toughness and good impact resistance.
5. The inner and outer walls of the product are smooth, the flow resistance is small, and the energy consumption of the fluid conveying system is small.
6. Strong heat resistance
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