ERA Assists Hangzhou Infrastructure Project And Enhances The Level Of The Host City Of The Asian Games

This year has been a veritable year of competition. In the past, the Beijing Winter Olympics witnessed the unparalleled ice and snow miracle, and then the Hangzhou Asian Games took over the baton and accumulated strength to create greater glories. As the host city, Hangzhou has now fully opened the "Asian Games time", and a large number of transportation infrastructure projects have entered the "sprint" stage! Among them, two transportation hubs stand out due to their large size, and ERA products are used in these two projects!


As one of the top ten landmark projects in the construction of the Great Passage in Zhejiang Province and an important basic supporting project for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, on March 1, the bid section of the third phase of the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport project passed the completion acceptance and will be put into use before the Asian Games this year. , the passenger throughput is expected to reach 50 million. It is reported that the third-phase project of Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is the largest airport construction project in Zhejiang so far. The core projects are the new terminal building (T4) and the landside transportation center terminal building.


The new T4 terminal building is a well-deserved giant project, with a super-large volume of 720,000 square meters, which is twice the sum of the original T1, T2, and T3 terminals. The landside transportation center terminal is currently the largest GTC comprehensive transportation transfer center under construction in the country's airport category. Here, passengers will realize seamless transfers between buses, subways, high-speed rails and flights. As a high-profile Asian Games security project, the third phase of Hangzhou Airport is expected to be officially put into use in May this year. By then, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport will become the second largest aviation hub in East China.


The Hangzhou Asian Games is approaching, and a large number of foreign friends will come to China to participate in the competition via Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. Xiaoshan International Airport will also become an important window to show the infrastructure of a great country. Such a huge transportation hub is faced with a huge flow of people every day, and the infrastructure used must require high standards and high durability to ensure the travel experience of passengers. ERA HDPE water supply and drainage pipe, as a highly acclaimed brand product in the field of water supply and drainage, is widely used in the construction of airport terminals by virtue of its strong toughness, anti-cracking product characteristics and long service life. "The hidden "vessels" of the airport provide a steady stream of vitality for airport operations and passenger travel.


With the approaching of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, the construction of another important security project, Hangzhou West Station, has also entered a comprehensive sprint stage, and it is expected to be ready for operation in August. It is worth mentioning that ERA also participated in the construction of this large railway hub.


As a large railway hub, Hangzhou West Railway Station has a scale of 11 stations and 20 lines. It integrates high-speed rail, subway, bus, taxi, social vehicles and other transportation modes, which will greatly shorten the transfer time of passengers; in order to save land area, Hangzhou West Railway Station cleverly adopts the method of vertical stacking. In addition to the subway station, the five floors above ground assume different functional areas in turn. This form of station-city integration will not only effectively enhance the urban carrying capacity and traffic accessibility, but also provide traffic guarantees for the Asian Games, and will also promote Hangzhou's leap into an integrated new city.


But at the same time, the form of station-city integration also puts forward huge requirements for the construction of the basic pipe network, and the extremely high building standards require product performance even to the point of being critical. ERA HDPE water supply and drainage series pipes and fittings have good chemical stability and superior flow performance, as well as high shear strength and anti-marking ability, and their adaptability is very outstanding, which provides a solid guarantee for this Hangzhou West Railway Station project. .

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