ERA: Encounter The Ancient Capital Of The 13th Dynasty And Escort The 14th National Games

The autumn wind gives birth to the Wei River, and the ancient capital welcomes the grand event. As the main birthplace of Chinese civilization, Xi'an is a unique historical and cultural city. Since ancient times, Xi'an has been the capital of 13 dynasties. On September 15th, the 14th National Games opened in Xi'an. This is a collision between the past and the present, and this is the fusion of ancient civilization and modern sports.

During the preparation and construction of the West Safety Games, ERA assisted the National Games venues and transportation including Xi’an Olympic Sports Center, West Safety Games National Games Village, Xianyang Olympic Sports Center, Xi’an Xianyang Airport, Xianyang North Station, Xi’an Metro, etc. Hub site, witness the highlight moment with the people of the whole country, and spend passionate time together.

ERA HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe is widely used in the underground pipe network project of the Olympic Sports Center with its high performance and high quality product characteristics, empowering the "big country project" and demonstrating the "big country quality".


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