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Introduction: Since the establishment of the company, the company has been implementing the strategy of “strengthening talents”. By focus using self-cultivating talents, hire professional talents, rewarding talented people, attention the importance to cultivating reserve talents, and create a high-quality, high-tech, high-efficiency talent team. Providing reliable talent support and talent guarantee for the transformation and development of the ERA Group.

Labor system to improve bones

The growth and development of a company has experienced all aspects from scratch, from less to more, from simple to complex. Zhang Jianjun, founder of the ERA Group, always believes that the labor and employment system is an important basic system of an enterprise. It is the company's commitment to employees and a respect for the entrepreneurial spirit itself.

In 1983, when the company was founded, the factory was small, with only five equipments, and there were only a few workers. At that time, there was no labor system, but the founder of the company, Zhang Jianjun, gave each worker who entered the factory a labor contract which is written by pen. The above content is not very detailed, only the most important items: the name of the employer, the amount of wages, the number of working days. It is not difficult to see that even if the contract content is not exhaustive, the most important content is reflected in the above.

In November 1995, according to the relevant laws and regulations of the higher authorities, Yonggao Company formulated a collective contract for the factory (company) in 1996, and further improved the labor employment system. The system provides specific provisions on labor, labor compensation, working hours, labor safety, health, insurance and welfare, employee education and training, and employee rewards and punishments.

Every year, the company quantifies, refines and optimizes the existing employment system. In 2008, the company introduced the "Labor Contract Management System". In June 2010, the company supplemented and improved the 2008 Labor Contract Management System. In 2018, the company comprehensively revised the management system, and the total number of management systems reached 207 items.

Introducing talents to strengthen the body

With the rapid growth of the company, upgrading the overall strength and competitiveness of the company requires all kinds of management talented people, technical talents, and scientific research talents to add vitality, energy, and physical fitness of the company. In the early years, the founder of the company, Zhang Jian, was looking for technical support for the research and development of new products. He worked tirelessly to visit the cities of neighboring provinces to find experts and scholars to cooperate.

In 2003, the first year of the establishment of the ERA Group, the company urgently needed a large number of high-quality talented employees. The company's recruitment office rushed to the surrounding cities to participate in the job fair. It participated in 15 job fairs throughout the year to introduce high-quality talents for the group company. Nearly 60 people, including 16 college graduates, enriched the company's various positions. Every time recruit new talented worker, the demand for talents in the company's vacant positions is strengthened.

In the future, the company will continue to expand recruitment channels, and adopt talent market on-site recruitment, talent communication meetings, online recruitment, TV advertising recruitment, and recruitment information in community villages and towns. At the same time, we will open up new recruitment channels for employees, and carry out recruitment and publicity in rural areas of Guizhou, Sichuan and Chongqing, and try to establish a new staff supply base. A series of talent introduction initiatives continue to meet the company's future production and development needs. Today, the company has a strong R&D team with doctors, masters and middle and senior technical talents as the backbone. In 2014, there were 389 scientific and technical personnel.

Cultivate talents as add calcium

With market competition, industry competition, and intensified enterprise competition, it is important to focus on cultivating talents for the company's long-term development. To this end, the company established "Yonggao University", which consists of business schools, marketing colleges, and science and technology colleges to cultivate the needs of different types of talents.

The company attaches great importance to the cultivation of highly skilled personnel. “Zhejiang Craftsman” and “Zhejiang Chief Technician” Chen Xiaobing are typical representatives of high-skilled talents cultivated by the company. The "Chen Xiaobing Skill Master Studio" named after Chen Xiaobing became the provincial master skill studio in Zhejiang Province. Under the joint efforts of the leader Chen Xiaobing and all the studio members, Master Skills Studio cultivates high-skilled talents and carries out various technical researches. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, more than 2,000 skilled personnel were trained, including 300 skilled workers and 54 senior workers. The number of skilled personnel accounted for more than 65% of the number of first-line technicians, and high-skilled talents accounted for more than 18% of the number of skilled workers. 

School-enterprise cooperation is another important form of talent training for the company. According to the location advantage of Yonggao Headquarters, we have long-term close ties with surrounding universities and cooperated closely to establish a high-skilled personnel training and on-the-job skills upgrading training system. At the same time, the company signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement with the School of Electromechanical and Mould Engineering of Taizhou Science and Technology Vocational College, Huangyan First Vocational School and the second vocational school to form Yonggao Class and jointly cultivate high-skilled personnel.

In addition, the company also through the platform of the national post-doctoral workstation, through the post-doctoral research and training of the station, to promote the technical backbone, and Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology and other cooperation, to promote enterprise talent training and scientific and technological progress through deep school-enterprise cooperation

Yonggao co., ltd is centered on the professionalization of talents, with the construction of talent echelon and performance management as the starting point, and the education ecosystem that can support the development strategy of enterprises is gradually taking shape.

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