ERA Products Won Two More Honors

On November 13, the first China Engineering Construction Inspection and Certification Conference was held in Beijing. Nearly 500 representatives from China Engineering Construction Inspection and Certification Alliance, relevant certification bodies, and universities and research institutes attended the meeting.

During the conference, the first batch of alliance certifications were issued, and through the alliance certification, the effective supply of quality products on the market was increased from the source. "ERA" brand products of ERA group: PP-R pipe/pipe fittings, PE-RT pipe/pipe fittings, polyethylene (PE100) pipe/pipe fittings for water supply, PVC-U pipe/pipe fittings, double wall of PE structure Corrugated pipe, insulating electrical bushings and accessories for construction won the "China Engineering Construction Inspection and Testing Alliance Product Certification".

There is no such thing. As early as a few days ago, the press conference on the quality comparison of PP-R pipe products sponsored by Zhejiang Chemical Building Materials Association was held in Hangzhou. After the preliminary inspection, analysis and analysis of 44 batches of 44 enterprises in the province. In contrast, the results of the 2018 quality comparison were announced: our PP-R pipe is superior to foreign and foreign well-known companies in the most critical long-term hydrostatic resistance and oxidation induction time performance.

For a long time, the AD Group has always maintained the excellence of its products, and its pursuit of excellence in quality has been widely recognized by society and consumers. In the future, we will continue to develop and produce higher quality and higher level products.

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