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Introduction: In the 35-year history of formation and practice of the core values of “Integrity in the Heart and Trust in the People” of ERA group, ERA staff has taken the Quality as the core and firmly built the foundation of integrity. ERA Group, no matter what stage the development of enterprise is at, strictly controls the production, inspection, and after -sales service to ensure that the ERA brand can withstand the fierce market and the constant growing consumer demands. In the view of ERA people, we don’t sell the products, but sell the quality with integrity.


Time has witnessed the founder of ERA group, Mr. Zhang Jianjun’s struggling efforts. At the very beginning of the factory, due to the small scale of the enterprise and workshop-style management, there were no stable products, no high grade and no technical standards. The quality of the products mainly depends on the inspection by the managers. The workers consciously controlled production in accordance with the requirements of the managers. Regardless of the tough situation, Mr. Zhang Jianjun would control the quality to the fullest. In the view of Mr. Zhang Jianjun, the products from the Jingjie factory must stand the test of end users and time.

As the business gets more and more prosperous, it puts further demands on quality management. In 1989, Jingjie Factory established the Total Quality Management Office. In January 1990, the AB Group was established to take charge of product quality research, provided comprehensive quality management knowledge to employees, and upgraded the base of staffs’ theoretical knowledge. In order to further enhance product quality management, the company established the Quality Management Leading Group in July 1994, and formulated the Product Quality Supervision and Inspection System and the Standard Quality Supervision and Inspection System.

In 1997, the company was awarded as Taizhou Quality Trustworthy Enterprise and Ministry of Agriculture Total Quality Management Certificate, ERA brand product was awarded as Taizhou Famous Brand, and obtained the 97 User Trustworthy Product Certificate issued by the Chemistry Building Materials User Committee of China Construction Industry Association Engineering Quality Management Branch.


The wheel of time is rolling forward, and the initial heart of pursuing quality has not changed a bit. Since 1998, the company has entered a rapid development track. The company's leaders realized that while expanding the scale of company, they must upgrade the level of enterprise management, especially to strengthen the core quality management. General Manager Zhang Jianjun has strengthened the quality management through a series of effective measures. On the one hand, by convening of product quality meetings, ERA group improved the quality awareness of the majority of employees; on the other hand, through continuous improvement of molds, innovative process technology, ERA group improved product quality. In the aspect of facility construction of testing equipment, a new Product Testing Center was set up in the production base in the late 1998. The production base was equipped with instruments that meet the full-performance testing, and the quality inspection center (Quality Inspection Department) arranged inspectors to implement inspection during the three shifts of production process in the workshop.

In the late 1990s, in order to adapt to the new innovative management situation and integrate with the advanced international management system as soon as possible, General Manager Zhang Jianjun decided to establish an ISO9001 quality control system. In January 1999, the company organized more than 20 people from various workshops and related departments to conduct ISO9000 quality management system document theory training. The company developed the company's quality policy and targets with the guidance and assistance of the counselors, as well as the Quality Manual and the Procedural Document, a series of work-related quality records and the development of work instructions.

In September 2006, the ERA brand plastic pipe fittings won the title of China Famous Brand Product. In 2006, Huangyan District Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau commended the company as the Outstanding Company of Quality Work in 2005. In September 2007,  Taizhou Municipal People's Government awarded the company (ERA Plastics Group Corporation) as Advanced Group of Quality Work in Taizhou City.


Different important events, marked spectacular dots in time line, and together determined the direction of development.  In November 2009, ERA group decided to set up a leading group for Quality as the Reinforcement of Enterprise, and formulated an implementation plan for accordingly. In March 2011, the Quality Reinforcing Enterprise Working Planand Quality Reinforcing Enterprise Management System was issued to achieve the established management targets. During this period, the company's ERA brand products gained China Environmental Labeling Products certification.

In 2012, the company updated the testing equipment, and brought in a large number of foreign advanced testing equipment. In addition, the company also purchased a number of hydraulic test fixtures of various specifications, such as metric, American and Australian standards, to make the high-and-low temperature pressure tests on pipes outer diameter from Φ16 to φ400in the laboratory. The perfect updating of hardware equipment has also helped the company to take a new step in the quality inspection. Establishing and improving the responsibility system of the quality control department, implementing the quality reward and punishment system, implementing the high performance management model, and introducing the chief quality officer system... the series of systems establishment helps the company to provide strong guarantee in product quality. The product quality also makes the company build a solid roadbed by establishing reputation and winning credibility in both domestic and overseas markets.

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