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Sunshine ERA•35 years review


Sunshine Intellectual creation

Introduction: Intelligent manufacturing is a revolution in science and technology and industrial change, and the 35 years sunshine journey of ERA is a history of self-denial and self-revolution. ERA always believes that it is necessary to take advantage of the situation, but also to be realistic. Only by constantly upgrading technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing to dialogue the future, to seek new and new, to advance in the new, to make breakthroughs in the middle, can we continue to improve the development of enterprises. "The key to a journey."


Intellectual inheritance
   The handicraft workshop at the beginning of the venture seems to have nothing to do with intelligence and intelligence. In fact, the intellectual genes of the ERA have flowed from the blood of the founder Zhang Jianjun from the beginning of the venture. Whether it is the processing of the initial stage of the business, the production of plastic clothespins, or the creation and production of ERA brands after the “Jingjie”, Zhang Jianjun’s favorite place to stay is not the office, but the production line and R&D site.
In 1993, plastic pipes were just launched. During the development of UPVC building drainage pipe products, Zhang Jianjun was dissatisfied with the process of “granulation first, post-forming” in academic works. He believed that the process flow in textbooks was high in energy consumption and complicated in operation. The successful trial production of products is not competitive on the market. He boldly proposed a new process using “direct injection molding of powders”. After dozens of failures and dozens of improvements, Zhang Jianjun finally solved the phenomenon of “bridge” caused by the processing of powder materials, and created the “Yonggao Process”, which is a direct powder processing and forming process. Experts have assessed that the new process not only simplifies the process, reduces energy consumption and labor intensity, but also improves product quality and economic benefits. The technology is at the leading level in China. This is the earliest case of "intellectual creation" with industry influence in the history of ERA.

The wisdom of the creation must lead the way

When the competitive situation of China's manufacturing industry is like a round, the downward pressure of the overall economy and the sharp rise in production costs and labor costs, ERA has to think about how to transform traditional production concepts and management concepts, and increase the transformation of intelligent manufacturing. Strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises and lead the development of the industry.

In October 2005, the Taizhou Municipal Economic Commission approved the construction of a new plastic pipe investment project of 10 tons per year. Zhang Jianjun and his team are planning how to use the newly acquired land of 200 acres to build a demonstration plant and a green factory with “machine substitution”. After two years of research, design, installation and commissioning, the intelligent automation system with full intellectual property rights of ERA has a total investment of about 100 million and is officially put into operation. The automation elements cover seven systems of feeding, mixing, crushing, granulating, centralized feeding, conveying and packaging, realizing fully automatic production from raw material input to product output, greatly improving the automation level of the production line, and the industry has reached a leading level.

At the same time, ERA used the “green elements” of underground pipe gallery, photovoltaic solar power generation, automatic rainwater recovery, and underground air supply to the new plant area. The forward-looking and innovative thinking of ERA, repeated surveys, careful design, and meticulous Construction, the public finally completed the "two-star" and "green factory" issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. This is the first case in Taizhou and only two in the national manufacturing industry. "Excellent people do not pursue illusory, and those who have a reputation are committed to reality. The business card of “ERA intellectual creation is not a slogan; it is not a gimmick, not a concept. It’s a real transformation and upgrading.

The reality of wisdom and the dance of information

If intelligence is a big network, then information is the meridian of this large network. On the road of the creation of ERA, the footsteps of the information construction of ERA people have already taken a loud rhythm very early.

In 1993, the implementation of information technology began. In 1995, the company took the lead in using computer management in the same industry in Taizhou. In 2000, the company invested more than 100,000 yuan to purchase a large number of computers, and set up the company's local area network, computerized management of finance, office, archives, sales, supply, product design and other departments. In 2004, the company invested more than 100,000 yuan to upgrade the existing network. In May 2007, the company set up an information center, and the standardized information construction was officially on the historical stage.

In 2010, the ERP system of the headquarters was successfully implemented, the data of each business unit was penetrated, the information island was broken, and the financial business was integrated. Then the company takes the ERP system Kingdee EAS modular products as the main platform and carries out personalized development, with the goal of unified financial accounting and supply chain, centralized procurement and centralized sales, and integration of operation management and control. The office system of each member company of ERA realizes the networking of the whole group, and carries out the overall planning and implementation of the group ERP project: sharing a platform for financial and business processing; centralized collection, collection, capital, expense approval, financial business integration; business BI and The decision-making efficiency is improved and the four steps of sharing the financial center and the sports office are advanced. The company focuses on internal management innovation and process reengineering, and improves management efficiency through OA office systems and cloud home terminal service systems.

From "someone" to "no one", from "extensive" to "fine", the "information building" that the intelligent brain dominates is making new vitality and vitality. We have every reason to believe that new opportunities, new ideas, and new technologies for smart manufacturing will surely push the high-quality development of ERA to the forefront. A "smart manufacturing enterprise" is rising strongly and will tell" The new ERA story" on the national and global stage.

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