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Introduction: The 35 years of development road, is ERA people constantly committed to scientific and technological innovation of the road to forge ahead, the man through internal and external training, strengthen scientific research talent team construction, and constantly increase the internal power of enterprise development; The ERA people keep up with the development of the times and USES the technological innovation platform to sustain future development. With 35 years of persistence, perseverance and steadfastness, the people of ERA have fulfilled the immortal promise of the century.

Perhaps, washing machine part as the first step of entrepreneurship, only the founder: zhang jianjun remembers the first step of starting his own business in 1983.

In 1993, with the joint venture between huangyan jingjie plastic factory and Hong Kong Yonggao co., LTD., the development of the company entered a new milestone stage. Zhang jianjun, the founder of the company, faced with the task of developing marketable plastic pipe products and expanding scale and developing new markets.

Given plastic pipe products, materials, technical requirements and complex factors are unmatched by simple plastic products, Zhang jianjun, the founder of the group, visited cities in neighboring provinces, looking for experts and scholars with professional technical level, hoping to make use of them. After a period of searching, finally found the Shanghai institute of plastic in-service technical personnel, senior engineer xu xuecheng. Mr Xu comes to the company from time to time to guide the technical work and help the technical personnel to carry out technical transformation and new product development. From 1993 to the beginning of 1996, although the company did not have full-time technical personnel and corresponding technical management institutions, with the early accumulation of technology, laid the foundation for the subsequent technological development.

In the following 20 years, the company's technical management organization experienced the replacement of the old and new staff, personnel deployment; the allocation has been basically stable. In 2014, the yonggao research and development center was renamed as "yonggao research institute", with 389 scientific research and technical personnel, forming a situation where testing center, technology center and research and development center go hand in hand.

Focus is not singular but plural

The 35 years of entrepreneurship and development, ERA focus on industry, no distractions, down-to-earth, make the heart of products, do good products and do diversified products as the core competitiveness of enterprise development.

During the period of huangyan yonggao plastic products co., LTD., there was a great demand for plastic drainage pipe accessories in the market. Zhang jianjun, the founder of the company, immediately seized the market opportunity to produce and develop such products. During this period, the company has realized 5 technical transformations and product development. After more than 4 years of development and production practice of plastic pipes, the company has become increasingly mature in terms of production technology. Pvc-u pipes, pipe fittings and insulating electrical sleeves and accessories for building water supply have passed provincial appraisal.

During the period of zhejiang yonggao plastic industry development co., LTD., the company has undergone 9 technical transformations, and has gradually developed and produced high technology, high quality and high standard pipe products such as pvc-u plastic steel doors and Windows profiles, plastic valves, pvc-u muffler spiral pipes, large diameter annular ribbed pipes (reinforced pipes), corrugated pipes and pvc-u nano water supply and drainage pipes.

In the period of Yonggao Co., Ltd., according to incomplete statistics, the company has implemented nearly 20 technical transformations, to meet the needs of constantly developing plastic pipe products. Through 25 years of cultivation in the field of plastic pipes, we have expanded the product varieties to "six systems, six modules and six series" with more than 5000 kinds of products, covering the whole field of plastic pipes. At the same time, in the photovoltaic solar energy, household appliances switch, intelligent equipment and other fields to extend the industrial chain. At present, the company has more than 400 national authorized patents, patent technology covers 80% of the products and process technology. Drafting nearly 40 national or industry standards, the industry is the most drafting standards of enterprises.

Only by plat forming innovation can reap a bumper harvest

If at the beginning of starting a business, the research, development of science and technology is completely dependent on the ability of individuals, then after the large-scale operation, the research, development of science and technology is based on the platform.

In November 2003, Taizhou economic commission recognized the establishment of "Zhejiang Yonggao plastic industry development co., LTD. Technology center" (municipal level); In October 2006, Zhejiang provincial economic and trade commission recognized the establishment of "Zhejiang Yonggao plastic industry development co., LTD. Technology center" (provincial level); In December 2008, Taizhou science and technology bureau issued the plan of building "Yonggao chemical building materials city-level high-tech research and development center"; In September 2012, Zhejiang provincial department of science and technology approved the establishment of "Yonggao new polymer building materials provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center"; In December 2012, the "provincial postdoctoral research station" was established and approved. In August 2013, the "national post-doctoral research station" of ERA group was approved to be established.

At present, the company is a state-level high-tech enterprise and a key high-tech enterprise in the national torch program. And it has invested 120 million yuan to establish the international leading and domestic first-class Yonggao research institute, which integrates testing, research and development. It has introduced foreign high-end testing equipment and experimental equipment. In addition, the company has built innovation platforms such as national post-doctoral research workstation, national enterprise technology center, provincial key enterprise research institute, national laboratory (CNAS), etc., and has a strong R&D team with doctors, masters, middle and senior technical personnel as the backbone. Taizhou headquarters, Shanghai, Anhui, Guangdong, Tianjin multi-regional division of cooperation and integration of the research and development system, the establishment of independent development, cooperative development, the introduction of absorption and digestion of multi-mode innovation strategy.

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