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Introduction: So far, in the old factory area of YonggaoHuangyan, the "ERA YONGGAO" symbol held by both hands is still standing tall, this is the brand totem of the 35th, and the belief of the YONGGAO. Open the 35-year YONGGAO event, from no brand to brand, from branding to brand promotion, in an accurate historical record, the memory of the brand is like JinRuoshuo.

Quality is the foundation of the brand from scratch

From the start-up in 1983 to the establishment of Yonggao in 1993, the company experienced two product transformations, from the production of washing machine parts to plastic clips, teacups, tea sets, to the country's largest plastic clothespin production base. The company, "HuangyanJingjie Plastic Factory" is both a factory name and a synonym for the brand. Founder Zhang Jianjun is deeply aware that, regardless of whether there is a brand, whether it is processing or not, as long as the products that go out from the “Jingjie” factory door must strictly control the quality.

In 1993, the history of brand development in the United States was a milestone. The company boldly began the third transformation of production, seized the opportunity of the country to "build plastics" and entered the "plastic pipeline" industry. At this time, Zhang Jianjun was in the mall for ten years. Ten years of business experience told him that he must create his brand. Pragmatic, down-to-earth and honest Zhang Jianjun keeps his eyes on the word "YONGGAO": YONGGAO is the abbreviation of "Palace of the Gregorian calendar" and is also the name of the internationally accepted system and time. The name “YONGGAO” is essentially an extension of time and the pursuit of quality. It shows that the “YONGGAO” product and its brand can withstand the test of history, and it also shows the vision of “YONGGAO” to build a century-old enterprise.

In this way, an atmospheric, steady and subtle brand name was born. With the registration of the ninth and seventeenth categories of goods, "ERA YONGGAO" officially opened the brand road.

The brand is a business card that is bigger and stronger. 


The in-depth development of the market economy has allowed us to bid farewell to the era of "good wine is not afraid of the alleys." The intensified industry competition has made the eyes of the pragmatic, low-key, and immersed business more focused on brand management and marketing.

In May 2011, the company established the marketing department as a professional management department for brand building. The company's position in the marketing department is: to be the chief of staff of the marketing front.

2015 is a year of innovation breakthrough on the road of brand building. At the beginning of the new year, the company signed a cooperation agreement with Golden Horse Shadow Emperor Huang Wei, Huang Wei became the first image spokesperson in the history of the YONGGAO; immediately, the company established the headquarters of the nine centres and the market centre as the first-level centre for brand building and marketing. The historical stage of the YONGGAO.

The market centre has a multi-pronged approach, comprehensively combing and strengthening brand promotion work from the aspects of strategic thinking, advertising communication, public relations activities, and media placement. Through comprehensive judgment of the industry situation, in-depth analysis of bidding opponents, combined with the brand's own reality, the "pipe network system solution solver" as the brand positioning of the brand, all-round enhance the image and taste of the terminal store, to "six systems", "six The high-quality, green and full-series products of the "large modules" and "six series" reflect the brand value, create the service system of the YONGGAO brand, carry out in-depth cooperation and promotion activities of the market, and carry out comprehensive planning and promotion of the VI image. A series of optimisation, promotion and promotion measures have rapidly expanded the brand awareness and reputation of "YONGGAO".

The Internet is the wings of brand communication

Time flies and the "Internet +" marketing model is sweeping the globe. As a marketing method advocated and recognised by young people today, the "electric shock" of the YONGGAO is imperative.

In 2014, the company broke through the traditional boundaries of communication and created a new concept of integrated communication. Through the Tmall, Jingdong "YONGGAO Pipeline" official flagship store, the official WeChat platform, website revision and other means, actively embrace the Internet.

On December 1, 2014, the official WeChat and Weibo of the “YONGGAO Pipeline” were officially launched, and the first step was taken from the media. YONGGAO Tmall, Jingdong flagship store and Alibaba's first order from the third day of the launch, to the top three sales of Tmall basic building materials/pipes and pipes in 7 months; from the beginning, there were few inquiries, so far More than 3 million visitors; from the beginning of the entrepreneurial e-commerce team to the current design, customer service, delivery, comprehensive management of nearly ten teams; from the first month of the opening sales of 11,300, to the present The monthly sales of 250,000 and the cumulative sales of more than 12 million... The YONGGAO pipeline realized the real “Internet +” and “electric shock” sales, which made the “YONGGAO” brand more meaningful than the actual sales.

The 35-year brand journey is not long. Perhaps it is only a moment in the long history of the "Double Hundred" strategy, but it is enough to stimulate beautiful waves; the 35-year brand sailing road is not short, in the market economy. In the tide, it swayed, again and again, chasing the sun that never dreamed of a hundred years.

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