In 2018, the sales revenue was 5.335 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.77%, the profit and tax was 454 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.40%, and the net profit was 246 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.50%. This is the transcript handed over by Yonggao Co., Ltd.

"Behind the impressive performance, Yonggao is not afraid of the cold, not afraid of the 'winter swimming', and strives for the embodiment of the upstream. At the same time, it is also inseparable from the help of the government departments," said Lu Zhenyu, chairman of the company.

At present, the global economic environment is increasingly complex and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Yonggao has always been committed to its main business and focus on industry. In October last year, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge was successfully opened to traffic. Yonggao’s “PE” pipeline was the “source of life” (ie water supply) for the signature project of the bridge port.

At present, we can also see Yonggao production in national key projects such as Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Beijing New International Airport, Shanghai Disneyland, Shanghai World Expo Park, Beijing Olympic Sports Center, Nanjing Olympic Sports Center and Guangzhou Asian Games venues. The product. Yonggao's goal is to achieve a production value of 10 billion yuan, build a century-old enterprise, and continue to lead the new development of China's plastic pipe industry.

Re-innovation and management, and promote the continuous improvement of production efficiency

Walking in the production workshop of Yongkang Co., Ltd., Huangyan Shuangpu Plant, few operators were seen, and some plastic pipe production was even unmanned.

“Like this injection molding A2 workshop, we have a total of 182 injection molding machines, specializing in the production of PVC-U pipe fittings for building drainage, with an annual production capacity of 26,000 tons.” Sun Huan, manager of the company’s technical department, said, “At present, the workshop Informatization means to realize human-machine interconnection, real-time information collection, feedback and processing of equipment status in the whole process of production. Compared with traditional production methods, the labor cost per unit product is reduced by more than 50%."

Smart development and green development are the direction of future manufacturing development. Since last year, Yonggao has intensified its technological innovation, completed the environmental protection formula of PVC national standard drainage pipes and fittings, environmental protection formula of electrical accessories, and environmental protection formula switching of line pipe; optimized PVC water supply pipe formula and improved the test rate of dichloromethane test; 80 domestic patents were granted, including 10 invention patents, 65 utility model patents, 5 design patents, and 1 foreign invention patent.

"As of now, we have 459 domestically authorized patents, including 72 invention patents, which are at the leading level among domestic counterparts." Sun said.

In order to cope with the increasingly fierce market competition environment, Yonggao actively adjusts its business strategy, pays close attention to the market dynamics of raw materials and accessories, and timely prepares the strategic reserves of PVC and PPR and other raw materials at a relatively low level, and targets various throttling projects through target management. , effectively reduce production and operation costs. Continue to promote lean production in the "project + platform" mode, continue to carry out various proposals for improvement, QCC, TPM and other management activities around the seven major achievements; with "one-stop" training base as a platform, through "two changes and one evaluation, Projects such as three reductions, quota standardization, and benchmarking data were promoted, and the level of production management was steadily improved.

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