Summary Of Three Prevention And Four Leakage Golden Idea Activity


According to the notice of the "golden idea" activity of improving quality and efficiency of the headquarters, all the staff of Anhui AD actively participated in the activity, gave full play to their enthusiasm, deeply promoted all departments and workshops to carry out special improvement on cost waste, and improved around the same type of problems with large cost waste and repeated occurrence, so as to reduce all kinds of cost waste, improve product quality, and eliminate potential safety hazards.

 Promotion and implementation of activities

✓Launch propaganda

The Lean Office and the Production Office use the morning meeting to publicize and implement activities for each team.

✓Poster posting

Make posters and post them in each workshop to create an atmosphere for activities.

Activity implementation

1.Three prevention and four leakage rectification site

Each workshop conducts special self-examination against "three prevention and four leakage", and learns to rectify the workshop site with the help of others.

2.Maintenance of electric cabinet after rectification

Each team shall use 5 minutes of clocking in every day to maintain the electric cabinet that has been rectified.

3.On site award for improvement of "three prevention and four leakage

On August 30, Anhui AD held the award ceremony on the spot for proposal improvement (three prevention and four leakage improvement) in July. President Shi emphasized at the awarding ceremony of Workshops 1 and 5:

1. To create the brand of AD, we should have the sense of innovation. There is still a lot of room for improvement in the workshop. Workshop 1 is the oldest workshop and also the leading workshop. It can be improved by endless highlights, which shows that the improvement is endless.

2. It can be seen from the improvement awards that even the old workshop still has a lot of room for transformation. In particular, the recent theme activity of "three prevention and four leakage" has stimulated the subjective initiative of the main operators and employees of the workshop.

3. For any improvement, we should brainstorm and work together. We should dare to find problems, solve problems and innovate. We can learn from the improvement of others, so that we can have more thinking space.

4.       Demonstration of excellent improvement cases

Activity check

From August to September, Anhui held a special inspection for three prevention and four leakage. Under the leadership of President Shi, the Lean Office led the inspection of each workshop in five groups.

In the inspection process, the team members carried out a comprehensive and detailed inspection of the conditions of each machine, and the problems found were formed in written form, so that the workshop could follow up the rectification and urge them to be in place. At the same time, the team members insisted on "looking back" on the problems left over from the last phase of the "electric cabinet campaign", strictly implemented "all have been rectified, all have been implemented", and formed a closed regulatory loop.

Activity summary

The three prevention and four leakage ideas activity received more than 30 proposals for improvement, which greatly improved the improvement awareness and subjective initiative of employees.

In the later stage, we will continue to focus on how to transform the "three prevention and four leakage" problems found into proposal improvement. This process needs to make concerted efforts to overcome difficulties and innovate for improvement. And the improved results should be maintained, and everyone should pay attention to everything. Some things that need to be improved again should be continued to be improved, and PDCA should be recycled again.

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