The theme train of ERA is successfully launched

Wu Yang, deputy director of the Huai'an Housing and Urban -Rural Development Bureau, Wang Weiguo, deputy general manager of Huai'an Modern Tram Co., Ltd., Xu Jianzheng, Director of China Merchants Branch of Huai'an Industrial Park, Huang Xufeng, General Manager of ERA Pipeline (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Manager Bei Jinhua and Liu Yishuai, deputy director of the Marketing Center of ERA Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony and unveiled the theme train on the ERA.

At the ceremony, Wu Yang, deputy director of the Huai'an Housing and Urban -Rural Development Bureau, delivered a speech. He mentioned that the ERA Pipeline (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. was a key enterprise introduced by Huai'an Housing and Construction Bureau and Huai'an Industrial Park. The needs of enterprises and projects will be closely related to the needs of enterprises and projects, taking forward services, and accurate docking, helping enterprises to light up and vitality. The strategic cooperation between Jiangsu and Huai'an Hyundai Tram ERA this time is a reflection of a strong joint, and it will inject new vitality into Huai'an's economic development.
Huang Xufeng, general manager of the ERA (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., mentioned in his speech: At present, Jiangsu's 150,000 tons of high -performance plastic pipeline projects are accelerating. Jiangsu ERA will make full use of the high -quality resources of the Huai'an Land Blogo under the strong leERAership of the Huai'an Municipal Government, the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau, and the Huaian Industrial Park Management Committee and other departments. In -depth cooperation, further increase the popularity of the Pipeline brand, and jointly ERAd motivation to the high -quality development of Huai'an's economy and society.

Liu Yishuai, deputy director of the Marketing Center of ERA, delivered a speech on behalf of the shares of ERA. He pointed out that with the settlement of Huai'an ERA, Huai'an has also become another "home door" on the marketing map of ERA. ERA will give full play to the location ERAvantage of local brands and create a brand gold business card for "Huai'an Intelligence" in ERA. He said that the determination and confidence of building the Huai'an brand benchmark market ERA is as firm as a rock. With this first -ERA theme train, it is a new opportunity to take the Huai'an city high -speed trains and go towards higher and farther goals.
The launching ceremony ended perfectly in the blessing singing of "Singing the Motherland" in the audience. Subsequently, the participants set foot on the theme train on ERA.
Huai'an Hyundai Railway Line 1 is the first modern tram line that has been operated by the core area of urban areas in China. Hyundai tram is one of the important signs of Huai'an urban transportation facilities. The release of the theme train this time will use the speed of the "Huai'an Tram" to accelerate to pass the new round of offensive for brand communication and pass to more consumers to pass on more consumers The brand mission of "Make the flow more worry -free" ERA has painted a beautiful long volume of "Huai'an, Huai'an Wisdom from ERA"!
The theme of the ERA trains released this time is based on the theme of "ERA Pipeline · Huai'an Intelligent Manufacturing". In terms of appearance, it is based on the use of green and blue that means healthy and environmentally friendly. Build a beautiful home in Huai'an, and Unicom's beautiful life. In the internal design, ERA created the design concept of "selection of good -looking materials, big name pairs", and at the same time incorporated the concept of the home improvement system of the whole house to protect the health of the family's water.
Inside the train, the integration of pipeline philosophy into it has also become a highlight. Through the philosophical philosophy, vivid pipeline products, and smart creative design, the profound connotation and extensive extension of the sun culture of ERA.
Zhu Yu, Director of the Investment Office of the Housing and Urban -Rural Development Bureau of Huai'an City, Zuo Haiyang, deputy manager of Huaian Hyundai Railway Tram Co., Ltd., attended the above activities with representatives of outstanding partners and representatives of employees.
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