Meet Difficulties And Strive For Perfection

【Shuangpu Factory】 [Major rectification]

In order to further improve workshop management, according to the requirements of the "Golden Ideas" activity plan of the Lean Department of the headquarters, in August, the Shuangpu factory organized various workshops to conduct a major investigation and rectification of safety problems. "Messy electrical cabinet lines" is an improvement item for workshop management at this stage.

1. Comprehensive inspection of the workshop

According to the overall promotion plan of the plant, all workshops in the Shuangpu plant should publicize the activities in early August. As of August 26, 8 workshops in the factory have completed the transfer of training, with a total of 580 people. This transfer training first explained the specific content and definition of safety issues, and then explained the goal and direction of this activity. Finally, the workshop supervisor, according to the actual situation, implemented the specific improvement items to the responsible person and personally led the team to inspect, according to the inspection problems. Develop a rectification plan and implement it.

2. On-site rectification confirmation

In the last week of August and the first week of September, the Shuangpu factory area was led by the workshop directors, and the members of the commissioning team on duty participated together to rectify the problem points one by one. This time, the focus was on the wiring of the power distribution cabinets in the workshop. The workshop commissioner is required to organize according to the workshop standard template, and the workshop director will confirm after the finishing is completed. As of the beginning of September, about 50% of this work has been completed.

【Daixi Factory】

Hand in hand to climb the peak again] Daixi Leanke always puts the pursuit of quality and quality improvement in the first place in the company's quality management process, and hopes to go further. 

In August, under the leadership of Daixi Plant Director Lin Shouping, Daixi Lean Section held quality discussion meetings with the workshop for many times, looking for deficiencies and making suggestions. In addition, with the help of YCC conferences many times, each member of the circle has been trained in the quality season, including quality awareness, work behavior, management behavior, etc. In the second-level inspection, we also work with the workshop leaders to find the quality problems existing in the workshop. We all work together to take quality work to the next level.

【Shangnian Factory】Job-to-talent ratio skills

【Keep improving, keep improving】In order to improve the efficiency of workshop work, enrich the professional theoretical knowledge of maintenance personnel, improve the professional and technical level of maintenance personnel, and better realize refined maintenance. In August, the injection molding D1 workshop carried out a 5-day training on production equipment debugging and maintenance skills for the machine repairers, maintenance personnel and debuggers in the workshop.

In order to consolidate the content of the training and deepen the training, the workshop director organized a skill test for all staff on August 27. The results of this skill test were very satisfactory. Most of the employees have been improved accordingly. We recorded the weak items in the test of employees with slightly lower scores, and extracted common problems as the subject of follow-up training.

【Gas Plant】Injection Proposal Improvement Sharing Session

Continuous innovation never ends] On September 8th, the gas injection molding workshop held a training sharing meeting on August proposal improvement. The workshop director organized workshop debuggers and machine repairers to conduct proposal improvement training. The training focused on "why to improve, the scope and direction of improvement" , How to make improvement” was launched, the purpose is to improve the improvement ability of machine repair and debugging in the work. At the same time, excellent improvement cases were shared at the meeting, and the mechanic debuggers took the initiative to share the improvement proposals submitted by them in August.

[Anhui ERA] Plan ahead and strictly observe quality

A hundred feet of success and further progress] On the morning of August 26, Anhui ERA held a special meeting on safety in August. The leaders of the company's general manager's office, the heads of various functional departments and workshops attended the meeting.

At the meeting, General Manager Zhang briefed on the recent work-related accidents and traffic accidents. General Manager Zhu emphasized the importance of attaching great importance to personnel safety and traffic safety, and put forward important requirements: 

First, different training methods are required for different departments. Forklift workers in the warehousing department should be transferred from their posts in the event of an accident. The safety office strengthens management through morning meetings, conducts safety training for forklift drivers frequently, improves the safety awareness of forklift drivers, and prevents and reduces the occurrence of forklift safety accidents.

The second is that managers of various departments cross each other in the morning for publicity. Led by the Safety Office, managers of various departments participated in the workshop, warehouse and various departments to conduct safety morning publicity. The sales department conducts safety morning meetings with overseas business personnel through video every day to standardize safety behaviors and improve safety awareness.

The third is that the weather is dry in autumn, and a major safety inspection will be carried out this week. Focus on safety inspections of oil depots and hazardous chemical depots to eliminate potential safety hazards and identify sources of danger.

Fourth, focus on training for in-service personnel with past work-related injuries. Summarize the causes of work-related accidents from the centralized department to prevent accidents from happening again.

Fifth, the evidence collection of special operators. The Personnel Department sorts out the undocumented personnel, arranges training as soon as possible, and obtains the special operation operation qualification certificate before starting work.

[Chongqing ERA] Intelligent self-inspection management, meter weight monitoring optimization

Keep improving and pursuing excellence] In August, Chongqing ERA continued to dig deep into the control of rice weight, and cooperated with the Information Section to carry out intelligent recording and analysis of on-site operator weighing. Information such as saving rate and sampling frequency are displayed, and the results of the workshop's supervision of rice weight are intuitively fed back.

The rice weight supervision system mainly uses the actual saving rate presented, comparing the maximum saving rate of internal control, and distinguishing the weight of the product through color management. At the same time, the workshop manager can accumulate weighing data in the background, conduct machine weighing times, weight control, sampling time, etc., and analyze the operation status of personnel, so as to avoid the phenomenon of data falsification, inequity, and omission of weighing, and through intelligent management means to optimize the monitoring process of rice weight and solidify the management.

【Shenzhen ERA】Promotion of the Golden Idea Project

【Promotion and Implementation of Excellent Projects】According to the overall lean promotion plan of the headquarters, all workshops in Shenzhen ERA this month should comprehensively publicize and implement the golden idea activities. All departments and workshops are required to advance from several dimensions, and then conduct special assessments, and carry out activities in an orderly manner. Focusing on the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, we must prevent running and leaking. At the same time, based on the scene, we will start from the details, improve bit by bit, and mobilize employees to actively start. Brains, continuous innovation, and mining "golden ideas", after the meeting, all departments took active actions to implement them.

[Guangdong ERA] "Quality Knowledge Contest" is launched

Quality 100, Satisfaction 100] On August 25th, in order to improve the quality awareness and quality atmosphere of the production front-line personnel, Guangdong ERA BC organized a quality knowledge contest in each production workshop. The participants were workshop production employees, squad leaders, and workshop directors.

In order to take into account the participation of the day shift and evening shift staff and strive not to leave one person behind, each workshop carefully organizes personnel, arranges production tasks, and mobilizes all under the premise of not affecting production tasks. The competition is divided into two games in the morning and in the evening. From the use of measuring tools, product standards, management systems, common quality abnormalities, quality inspection methods, and causes of abnormalities, the closed-book answer method is adopted to test the quality theory knowledge level of production personnel. , a total of eight contestants won the first, second and third prizes.

Through this quality knowledge competition, it not only consolidates and strengthens the theoretical knowledge of production personnel, but also understands the weak links of everyone, so as to facilitate more targeted quality training in the future.

[Tianjin ERA] To improve the quality of publication, three preventions and four leaks must be achieved

Pursuit of excellence and excellence] At 14:00 on September 6th, Tianjin ERA held the August Lean Improvement Summary Presentation Meeting. General Manager Zhao Cheng, Deputy General Manager of Production Han Li, Assistant General Manager Li Gang, Production Manager Zhang Cong, Power Department Manager Zhao Jianguo attended the meeting. The meeting mainly focused on the following two aspects:

1. Lean improvement summary and publication: Representatives of the lean improvement teams of various departments will take turns to make a summary report and highlight the lean improvement work in August, and share the excellent WeChat drafts on the spot. One, two, or three publishers will be awarded mobile pennants.

2. Three Preventions and Four Leaks Gold Ideas Activities: Manager Cui reiterated the ideas and directions of Tianjin ERA BC's internal three prevention and four leakage gold ideas activities, and on-site inspections in September, rectification plans were finalized, and he urged all departments to prevent collisions in September , Special development of leakage materials.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Han made a concluding speech and proposed: 1. By establishing an exemplary image of a model for lean improvement, all employees in the workshop will be driven to improve; 2. Establish a systematic process for the three prevention and four leakage gold ideas to reflect the development effect; 3. Through the development of three preventions and four leakages, employees are motivated to discover problems and create a good atmosphere.

[Hunan ERA] Great investigation

Striving for perfection and hard work] At the beginning of September, in response to the group's "Golden Ideas" campaign to improve quality and efficiency, under the guidance of lean teachers at the headquarters, Hunan ERA BC conducted a "three preventions and four leakages" inspections within the workshop.

At the beginning of the activity, the workshop directors used the class morning meeting to educate all employees, and all the workshop staff participated in the event, focusing on "collision prevention, error prevention, danger prevention, air leakage, oil leakage (water), material leakage (powder), Leakage "three preventions and four leakages" carefully checked all parts of the workshop, took pictures and formed records, and found more than 60 problem points in total. The workshops conducted discussions immediately and formulated improvement measures and improvement plans according to the actual situation.
Afterwards, the lean team will publish the rectification data on a weekly basis according to the rectification plan, and the general manager's office and relevant leaders will check and accept it.

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