Products In The Field Of ERA Power Communication Came Into Being


From ancient times to the present, the way of transmitting information has undergone earth-shaking changes, from the paper transmission of carrier pigeons and fast horses, to the wireless communication of information and telephone, and even video chat can make people who are thousands of miles apart as if they are only separated by one layer. grass. The development of science and technology has not only changed the speed of transmission, but also made the objects of transmission more precise. Sections of optical cables and base stations transmit information to the right people all the time. The importance of information transmission to modern society also means the necessity of information channel protection. Therefore, ERA products in the field of electric power communication came into being.


Unlike ancient post stations, carrier pigeons and other above-ground transmission methods, in modern society the cable connecting each side of the sky is often buried deep underground. Microorganisms, groundwater, trampling by heavy objects on the ground can all cause a break in contact. ERA PVC communication and power corrugated pipes provide strong protection for buried communication cables and power cables by virtue of low density, high ring stiffness and excellent corrosion resistance, so that those who are on the phone can chat with each other all the time.

PVC-U porous pipe and honeycomb pipe


When thousands of families picked up their phones, waves of thoughts surged. Countless lines are gathered and intertwined. Since there is no urgency in thinking, every call is equally important, so all lines must be effectively protected. The unique integrated porous structure of ERA PVC-U porous pipe and honeycomb pipe can effectively improve the utilization rate of pipe holes and protect cables as much as possible. It can withstand a strong pressure bearing capacity of 8 kN per square meter and super compatibility, adding a strong persuasive force to "protection".

PP rectangular cable guide


Some people are content with a message, others want to find their way home. ERA PP rectangular cable conduit is made of high-modulus polypropylene, and the inner circle and outer square structure significantly improves its pressure bearing performance. distance from each other.

On the late-night bus, the lights on both sides of the road are bright, illuminating the future and igniting hope. In terms of street light cables, there is also the help of ERA. ERA PVC cable pipe adopts the connection method of flared socket, which is flexible and convenient, effectively shortens the construction period, and has high strength, good impact resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and other physical and mechanical properties that fully meet the requirements of the application unit for the product. Various advantages make it firmly occupy a place in the laying and protection of street light cables.

Every place that is not bordered by mountains and rivers can reflect the various states of the world through electrical communication. These exchanges and communication have risen to the realm of human life, and it has carried out our life.

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