ERA Assisted The Construction Of Several Epidemic Prevention Projects In Shanghai

In Shanghai under the control of the epidemic, the city has become quiet. In order to curb the spread of the epidemic and make Shanghai get rid of the impact of the epidemic as soon as possible, many loving materials and support teams from all over the country went to Shanghai to support the front line of the epidemic.


ERA, as a local enterprise in Shanghai, combined with the construction needs of epidemic prevention projects in various districts, helped the construction of epidemic prevention projects as soon as possible. In the past few days, the required pipeline products have been successively issued from the Shanghai base, the Zhejiang base and the Anhui base to help a number of epidemic prevention projects including Baoshan, Lingang, Jiading, Changxing Island, Zhou-Deng Highway and the New International Expo Center.


Shanghai ERA is in the epidemic control area. While doing its own protection, the company urgently coordinates resources, deploys materials and transportation vehicles, and provides pipeline support for the construction of isolation points.


At 10:00 p.m. on March 25th, we temporarily received a supply demand for an epidemic prevention project in Pudong New Area. Shanghai ERA urgently convened relevant personnel to open up a special channel to realize delivery without a single order. The departure process was completed within 3 hours and shipped to the construction site at 1:00 a.m. . Coordinate production of products in short supply immediately to ensure timely delivery of required products.



On March 27, PE double-wall corrugated pipes, PVC-U drainage pipes and fittings were shipped from the Shanghai base in batches and transported to the construction site of the temporary isolation point of the shelter on Changxing Island. Subsequently, electrical pipes and fittings and water supply pipes and fittings were also sent to the construction site one after another.


On the evening of March 29, PVC-U drainage pipe fittings, PPR water supply pipe fittings and other products were urgently dispatched from the Zhejiang base to Shanghai. According to the requirements of epidemic control, it is necessary to transfer goods to designated locations, and a "relay of love" will help the construction of the Baoshan epidemic prevention project.



On the afternoon of March 30, several series of products were shipped to the New International Expo Center to help the reconstruction and construction of the largest centralized isolation point in Shanghai.

As of press time, the Shanghai base and the Zhejiang base are still continuing to deliver goods, making a modest contribution to the construction of the Shanghai epidemic prevention project.


To rush to build a shelter isolation point is to rush to build a safe "channel". In the face of the menacing epidemic, ERA has risen to the challenge and actively assumed social responsibilities. Every car product is full of warmth, and every assistance conveys strength.

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