ERA Was Selected Into The Zhejiang Provincial Leading List Of Social Responsibility

Recently, the 2021 list of the top 100 leading private enterprises in Zhejiang in terms of social responsibility was released. ERA has successfully made the list with its good social reputation and excellent credit rating.


It is reported that the data for this list mainly comes from the special survey on social responsibility of private enterprises in 2020 organized by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. On this basis, the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce uses the self-developed "Zhejiang Private Enterprise Social Responsibility Index" scoring system, comprehensively considering the data and information of previous authoritative lists such as the top 500 private enterprises in China, and adopts "indicator calculation" and "comprehensive evaluation" The'combined approach', after a layered selection of up to 42 qualitative indicators in 9 dimensions and a professional review by an expert group, 100 leading social responsibility enterprises were finally selected from the 3199 private enterprises that participated in the survey.


Under such strict and professional screening and evaluation, ERA finally stood out, inseparable from its long-term extreme industry self-discipline and conscious corporate responsibility.

As a leader in the pipeline industry, ERA is committed to its own development and growth, and at the same time actively assumes social responsibilities. The comprehensive, natural and coordinated development of society.

The company adheres to the people-oriented development philosophy and regards employees as the most precious wealth in the development of the company. When the Spring Festival is approaching and employees from other places encounter difficulties in returning to their hometown by car, the company will contact the vehicle as soon as possible and arrange a waiting time to ensure that employees return home safely and in time.


In addition, the company actively participates in social welfare undertakings, and employees actively sign up to form a volunteer team to donate books and other related materials to rural schools free of charge, so that the children feel a strong warmth. The company also adheres to the path of low-carbon, environmentally friendly and sustainable development, attaches great importance to environmental protection, and actively organizes environmental mountaineering and other related activities to improve employees' environmental awareness and contribute to the environmental protection cause.


2020 is a typical year of the epidemic, and everyone talks about the epidemic. In the most severe period of the epidemic, the company attached great importance to it, immediately mobilized resources and strength, and urgently launched a donation operation to support Wuhan, providing free municipal and construction pipeline products for the construction of Wuhan Leishenshan and other hospitals, demonstrating the society of private enterprises Responsibility.


Before being listed on the Zhejiang Provincial Leading List of Social Responsibility, the company has successively won the AAA Credit Rating Enterprise, the National Quality Benchmarking Enterprise, the National Top 100 Quality Integrity Benchmarking Demonstration Enterprise, the National Quality Integrity Benchmarking Typical Enterprise, and the National Radiant Heating Supply Many honorary titles, such as the Demonstration Unit of Integrity Operation in the Cold Industry. It can be seen that the company's efforts in assuming social responsibility have been affirmed by all sectors of society.

ERA will use this selection as an opportunity to make persistent efforts, with the corporate vision of "becoming a creator of happy life", and the brand mission of "making mobility more worry-free and making the world a better world", and is committed to cooperating with employees and cooperation. Partners, create and share happiness with society.

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