On the tenth day of the first lunar month, the first day of work during the Spring Festival, ERA shares held the ERA Iron Army expedition mobilization meeting in the form of online + offline to boost morale, confidence and motivation for the entire sales team.


This performance multiplication system project coaching meeting is mainly for the sales team to conduct expedition training, fully implement the new idea of "making winning battles a belief in management", review and summarize the sales work in 2021, and focus on the weak aspects of the sales team. , Teacher Jiang Chunyan led the Tiejun team to formulate the "Personal 2022 Work Goal Task List", "OGSMT Analysis" and "Work Goal Decomposition Fishbone Diagram", which fully empowers ERA to build the ace sales Tiejun.


On the afternoon of February 12, after nearly three days of expedition mobilization, expedition training, and expedition team building, the expedition ceremony of ERA Shares' "ERA Iron Army" in 2022 was grandly held. At the ceremony, each representative team of the yellow marketing line held a "troop parade" in team style. Each team was full of energy and high momentum, showing the true military style of the Iron Army of ERA. Subsequently, the flag-giving ceremony and the oath-taking ceremony were carried out one after another. Mr. Lu Zhenyu, Chairman of ERA Shares, presented the flag to the representatives of each sales line. ERA Tiejun collectively swore: "Be a person with tenacious style, firm will, strong business, responsibility, and ability to win battles. The iron army of ERA! With high fighting spirit and firm belief in victory, we will go all out to accomplish the "316523" and "313520" ERA "35" goals! The tigers go on an expedition and live up to their mission!"


On February 10, Lu Zhenyu, Chairman of ERA Shares, also gave a mobilization speech on "On the New Long March Road of ERA, Dare to Fight and Win" before the training of ERA Iron Army. In his speech, Lu Dong put forward the strategic requirements of the "three wars" of channel warfare, the war of opportunity, and the combined attack of the "three wars" and the belief and expectation of the "three forces" of ambition, backbone, and confidence on how to take the "New Long March Road" well. They also put forward many requirements for the ERA Iron Army, let's take a look!


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