Coming For You Yonggao Sanitary Ware Marketing Conference


On the evening of December 30th, as the highlight of the year-end of the year, the marketing conference of Yonggao Sanitary Ware made its appearance in the "cloud" on time. Lu Zhenyu, chairman of Yonggao shares, gave a year-end speech to grandly introduce the strategic thinking, brand planning and product matrix of the new section of "Yonggao Sanitary Ware". At the same time, Chairman Lu Zhenyu and all online audiences used a loving message interactive way to light up the ERA Yonggao logo, marking the start of "Yonggao Sanitary Ware". The conference was broadcast live simultaneously on Douyin, WeChat, and video accounts, and attracted more than 400,000 traffic attention.


Chairman Lu Zhenyu’s year-end speech takes "come for you" as the theme, which is fully in line with the background of the times, economic environment and consumer market. The golden sentences are frequently spoken and worthy of recollection. We will think and encourage together with every struggler who has overcome difficulties on the road to success.  Looking at 2021, the difficulties we face in this year will not be less than in any previous year. The new crown epidemic has repeatedly raged, the economic environment is full of changes, corporate organization, technology, talents, and management are facing challenges, power rationing, floods, and raw materials increase..... Lu Zhenyu said, "All that should be here are here, and so are the ones that shouldn't." But he shared his definition of "success". He believes that "whether it is a company or an individual, no matter what environment you are in, as long as you have been hacking through obstacles on the road of continuous growth and pursuit of value, this is the definition of success. "


The whole speech was filled with a title of "Our ___" throughout the whole speech, which also divided the speech content into three parts: "our", "our business" and "our sanitary ware business". In the intertwined and intricate environment, how to break through the limitations of self-cognition, how to predict the unknown and change, how to benefit from the certainty and uncertainty. At the same time, we continue to interpret our "Made in China" as worry-free "Coming from flow" "coming for partners" "coming for a better life"


Lu Zhenyu started from our "Made in China" and "Sanitary Ware Industry", and analyzed with real data and case studies that a new era of "China Tide" is coming; expounded from two aspects: "Industry Extension" and "Joint Force Empowerment" "Our Career". Lu Zhenyu believes that ERA has newly opened the brand 3.0 era of "making flow more worry-free", ERA has changed from "pipeline integrated service provider" to "water, electricity and wind integrated service provider". Especially after the new sanitary ware sector, ERA has connected an important part of the human experience between the family's water supply and drainage systems, realizing "let worry-free flow to the end".


In talking about "our sanitary ware business", Lu Zhenyu analyzed the advantageous background of "Yonggao Sanitary Ware" from the five aspects of channel, technology, price, brand and service. At the same time, he released the brand new "Yonggao Sanitary Ware" brand image and brand concept. Brand-new product architecture and marketing strategy, and released a special experience model for the G08 conference that integrates beauty, technology and cost-effectiveness.


At the press conference, Wang Daojun, general manager of the Sanitary Ware Division of Yonggao Co., Ltd. also introduced the four series of "Yonggao Sanitary Ware" from the product and technical point of view. Comparative tests, functional experience, technical explanations... Wang Daojun's introduction gave way The audience was immersive and full of experience. "Yonggao Sanitary Ware" brand promotional videos and product promotional videos were simultaneously released at the press conference.


Focusing on consumption upgrades, insights into user needs, and integration into the intelligent age, "Yonggao Sanitary Ware" takes "Let worry-free flow to the terminal" as its brand mission, "Enjoy the cost-effective and high-quality life" as its brand positioning, and "become natural and everything." "Interconnected, natural and appropriate" is the connotation of the brand.


From product design to presentation, we pay attention to the brand tonality that is close to nature and integrates with nature, and we pay attention to the characteristics of the Chinese market, Chinese households, and the living habits of Chinese families. The essence of life, the details of life and the aesthetics of life run through the whole process of product design and brand planning. With the product characteristics of "high performance, high quality, and high value", it will bring consumers more "Yan Zhi" experience and redefine it. The new standard of quality bathroom life, to create a healthy living lifestyle, and make the brand vision of Yonggao bathroom "make smart bathroom popular in Chinese households" become a reality. 

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