ERA Talks With You About Taizhou Manufacturing, Creating A New Era Of Taizhou Industry

In order to further polish the "Golden Name Card of Taizhou Manufacturing" and enhance the popularity, influence and utilization rate of Taizhou manufacturing, Taizhou Economic and Information Technology Bureau and Taizhou Radio, Film and Television Group jointly launched the 2021 "Dialogue, Made in Taizhou" series of live broadcasts.


On December 16, Fang Chonghui, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Science and Technology Bureau of Huangyan District, and Lu Zhenyu, Secretary of the Party Committee of ERA and Chairman of Yonggao Co., Ltd., were invited to be a guest in the second phase of the program "Entering the Leading Plastic Pipe Enterprises in the Country" in the live broadcast room. The four major themes of affluence, digital reform, carbon neutrality, and dual cycle jointly discussed their views on the new direction of manufacturing in Taizhou.


At the show, the host played a number of VCRs, leading everyone to review the development history of ERA Group. Yonggao shares over the years, and witnessed the extraordinary strength of ERA Group in manufacturing, R&D and quality control, multi-dimensional and in-depth Interpretation of ERA Plastic Industry Group Co., Ltd.

In recent years, it has been an eventful period. From the Sino-US trade war to the outbreak of the epidemic, the price of raw materials plummeted from the beginning to the skyrocketing later. Export orders have also undergone a process from a sharp decrease to a rapid increase.

Faced with such a complicated domestic and international economic situation, ERA Group. Yonggao shares was able to break through, not only has won the "Top 500 Asian Brands", but also successively won the "Chinese Patent Excellence Award", "Standardized Good Behavior 4A Enterprise" and "Thirteenth Five-Year" Light Industry Science and Technology Innovation Advanced Group and many other honorary titles. What is the secret of Yonggao's steady development?


In the program, Lu Zhenyu, chairman of Yonggao shares, shared his eight-character mantra about corporate development, that is, to practice internal skills and follow the trend.

He explained that the so-called good internal skills means that companies must always strive to improve product quality and service quality, and continuously use information, intelligence and digital transformation methods to reduce costs and improve efficiency.


This year is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan". Any year will always have its bad and good sides. The so-called coexistence of opportunities and challenges is the truth. The reason why some companies can go against the current, but some companies can only retreat, the key lies in whether they really grasp the in-depth subject of taking advantage of the trend and turning crises into opportunities. In today's world, the wave of digitalization is sweeping. For enterprises, promoting digital transformation and building digital enterprises is the only way for them to develop in the future.


In addition, as we all know, corporate culture is the core of an enterprise. Competitiveness is also an important part of corporate management. This year, Yonggao shares upgraded its corporate culture, taking "becoming a creator of a happy life" as the corporate vision of ERA. The people of ERA must create and share happiness together, ERA products must bring happiness to customers, shareholders and consumers, and ERA Group must create greater value for the society.

The core concept of "becoming a creator of a happy life" is common prosperity. As a leading enterprise in China's plastic pipe industry, ERA. Yonggao will further play its leading and exemplary role, accelerate digital transformation and upgrading, and make contributions to the realization of common prosperity.

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