ERA Assists In The Construction Of Shaoxing Epidemic Prevention Project

In the past few days, a new round of new crown epidemic has broken out in Zhejiang, and the epidemic prevention work in Shaoxing, Ningbo, and Hangzhou has once again entered a state of tension, and the form of epidemic prevention and control is severe. Shaoxing is the concentrated outbreak point of this round of the epidemic. It has comprehensively strengthened its control measures and implemented closed management in multiple areas. In order to ensure that key personnel should be separated from each other and form a closed loop, Shaoxing City has pushed forward the construction of multiple emergency isolation point projects at full speed.

On the evening of December 14, the company received a demand for pipeline supply from the Yuexi isolation point in Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City, and requested to provide drainage pipe and fitting products for the isolation point on Yuexi Road as soon as possible. After receiving the delivery notice, Anhui Yonggao coordinated personnel and vehicles overnight, and the goods were loaded the next morning, and they immediately set off for Shaoxing.


At noon on the same day, the first batch of products arrived at the construction site of the epidemic prevention and isolation point on Yuexi Road, and the construction was quickly put into construction in cooperation with the Third Bureau of China Construction. It is understood that the Yuexi isolation point is located on the east side of Yuexi Road, and the south and east sides are adjacent to Shangguandu. The total area is 42,000 square meters, and a total of 1,303 rooms are expected to be set up.

On the banks of the Cao'e River, 25 kilometers northeast of the quarantine point in Vietnam, a quarantine point planned to have 9,000 quarantine rooms is also under construction. The Lihai quarantine point is designed in accordance with the epidemic prevention and control quarantine code and is an emergency project mainly consisting of temporary buildings and box-type board houses. The whole is divided into 3 plots, and it is planned to be completed in batches within ten days.


The scale of the Lihai quarantine point makes basic living security facilities particularly important. How to supply domestic water in the quarantine area? Can the power supply meet the needs of isolated people? After receiving the supply demand from the Eighth Engineering Bureau of China Construction, the company quickly coordinated the strength of the Hangzhou warehousing center to deliver the required products to the site in time.


On the afternoon of December 15th, the first batch of PVC-U electrical pipe fittings was quickly delivered to the construction site; on the evening of December 16th, the second batch of PPR water supply pipe fittings was also delivered smoothly, which provided strong support for the timely delivery of the Lihai isolation point. Strong support.


There is no cold winter that cannot be "feared" or "more", and no spring will not come. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, ERA has successively assisted the construction of Wuhan Huoshenshan, Leishenshan, Jinyintan, Xi'an Public Health Center, Xingtai Epidemic Prevention and Heat Insulation Zone, and other projects, demonstrating the mission and responsibility of industry leaders. In particular, ERA, as a local enterprise in Zhejiang, has more responsibility and obligation to fight the "epidemic" together with the people of Zhejiang, and join hands to welcome the spring of fighting the "epidemic".


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