Yonggao Co., Ltd.Shares And Kaiwu Company Signed A Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Recently, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Yonggao Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Kaiwu Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. was held at the headquarters of Yonggao Co., Ltd. Liang Peiling, Director of East China Sales Center of Yonggao Co., Ltd., and Wang Kejian, Manager of Kaiwu Company, signed a strategic cooperation agreement between the two parties. Adhering to the principle of complementary advantages and mutual benefit, the two parties conducted friendly and in-depth exchanges on the core elements of the proposed cooperation project, the background of the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, and the planning of the cooperation project.

At the meeting, Liang Peiling extended a warm welcome to Wang Kejian and his entourage, and congratulated both parties on the successful signing of the contract. Liang Peiling gave a detailed introduction to the company’s strength, development history, product series and service system, and expressed the hope that the two parties would take this strategic cooperation agreement as an opportunity to increase cooperation in projects such as integrated pipeline corridors, housing construction, transportation and municipal administration, and at the same time in Zhejiang In areas such as rainwater and sewage transformation, agricultural irrigation transformation, beautiful villages, health care construction and other basic projects of people’s livelihood, the complementary advantages have been used to promote the implementation of projects, deepen the cooperation space, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Wang Kejian expressed his gratitude to Yonggao for the warm reception, and was full of confidence and expectation for this strategic cooperation. He hoped that the two parties would work together to make suggestions based on the characteristics of the project, communicate in-depth, strengthen pragmatic cooperation, and establish a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation relationship.

It is understood that China Metallurgical Tiangong Group is a core subsidiary of China Minmetals and China Metallurgical Corporation. It is an A-level enterprise of China Metallurgical Group. The "top four" super large central enterprises. Kaiwu Company is the product of the deepening reform of the group company and the vanguard of the comprehensive deepening of the group company's reform. Kaiwu Company carries the mission of the group company’s intensive procurement of materials, and effectively implements the functions of "unified procurement, unified signing, and unified payment". It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the group company and provides service support for the reform and development of the group company. Basic business It not only includes the centralized procurement of materials, but also supports the marketing of investment-oriented and major projects of the group company.



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