Specially Planned Urban Renewal, With ERA

ERA helps the "old city" grow in reverse

As a leading enterprise in the domestic plastic pipe industry, ERA Pipe has a complete product system and thoughtful after-sales service, and has established long-term friendly cooperation with many domestic decoration enterprises, playing a huge role in the construction of many large-scale projects. "Renovation of the old city", as a project of benefiting the people that has been constantly mentioned in recent years, is inextricably linked with the ERA.


Take the famous old city renovation of Shanghai as an example. Shanghai is one of the earliest cities in China to start modernization, and it has been in the process of urban renewal until now. Although it is an international metropolis, in the long process, various problems and crises began to appear as a large number of residential buildings gradually entered the "old age", and "old city renovation" has gradually entered the agenda of Shanghai. At present, Shanghai's urban renewal has entered a critical period, and "retention, reform, and demolition" are simultaneously implemented. The key work of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government is at a critical stage of comprehensive promotion.


With superior product performance and wide market recognition, ERA products in various fields have been used in the renovation of more than 100 old urban communities in Shanghai, involving multiple modules such as domestic water supply, municipal drainage, power protection, fire safety, and home improvement pipelines. , to ensure the safety of water, electricity and gas use for thousands of households, providing a strong boost for the "reverse growth of the old city" and adding vitality to the world-famous metropolis of Shanghai

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