Yonggao 2019 Semi-Annual Performance Report

On July 17, according to the announcement of Yonggao Co., Ltd., in the first half of 2019, Yonggao Co., Ltd. realized operating income of 2.839 billion yuan, an increase of 520 million yuan, an increase of 22.41%; operating profit increased by 86.95%, profit The total amount and net profit increased by 117.49% and 138.41% respectively, which was a large increase. The main reasons were as follows: First, the company's sales continued to expand and reduce the unit fixed cost, and second, the price of PE raw materials decreased, the tax reduction and fee reduction policy, and the exchange rate depreciated against the US dollar. The impact of the comprehensive gross profit margin increased by 1.88%.
Special Note: The financial data of 2019 semi-annuals contained in this announcement is only preliminary accounting data. It has been audited by the internal audit department of the company. It has not been audited by an accounting firm. The final data disclosed in the semi-annual report may differ. Please pay attention to investors. investment risk.

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