Total Start Strategic Cooperation With ERA Pipeline

On March 26, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between ERA and Total Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was held at the headquarters of Yonggao Co., Ltd., which marked the official kick-off of the strategic cooperation between ERA and Total in the research and application of new materials.


The two sides will jointly develop the PE-RT II type heat-resistant polyethylene pipe market in China, especially the cold-hot water home improvement pipe market, high-end floor heating market, central heating secondary pipe network market and industrial fluid pipe market. It aims to provide customers with innovative products and create value-added solutions for the industry.


As a leader in plastic pipes, ERA has officially started production and sales of PE-RT II heat-resistant polyethylene pipe products in 12 years. It is one of the earliest and largest manufacturers in the industry. Total high-density PE-RT II pipe material is a copolymer of ethylene and hexene. It also has excellent hydrostatic properties under high temperature conditions, while retaining excellent low temperature resistance and chemical resistance for polyethylene materials in pressure pipes. The field opens up a vast application space. As a high-end product of the ERA series, it has been widely used in the fields of hot and cold water and heat supply in recent years.


Total is one of the world's four major petrochemical companies, is the world's top 500 companies (24th), and has operations in more than 130 countries around the world, covering the entire oil and gas industry chain, and is also a partner of ERA for many years.

As a global leader in the energy and chemical industry, its core responsibility is to listen to the voices of stakeholders and creatively plan mutually beneficial solutions. This is consistent with ERA's business philosophy of “integrity, pragmatism, mutual benefit and win-win”.

Accompanied by Huang Jian, chief engineer of Yonggao, and Xiao Xiaozhi, director of the market center, Morten and his entourage also visited the Yonggao Product Showroom, Yonggao Research Institute, Automation Workshop and Party Construction Activity Center with great interest.

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