World Miracle Created By National Engineering

People familiar with “ERA” know that “ERA” has been widely used in national key projects such as Shanghai F1 Circuit and Shanghai Pudong International for its excellent product performance and strong brand recognition. Airport, Shanghai World Expo Park, Beijing Olympic Sports Center, Nanjing Olympic Sports Center and Guangzhou Asian Games venues. With the continuous improvement of the reputation of the “ERA pipeline” market in recent years, ERA products have participated in many world-class and national-level projects.


First of all, it is the world's longest cross-sea bridge. It is also the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge with the longest mileage, the most investment and the most difficult construction in China's construction history. This has also attracted the attention of many media in the world. Foreign media have written this article. The sea bridge created a miracle. And ERA group shares is one of the participants in the creation of this "world miracle."

After talking about the cross-sea bridge, let's take a look at the international strategic cooperation project - Shenzhen Beili Moscow University.


This is a Sino-Russian cultural exchange strategic cooperation project witnessed by the heads of state of China and Russia. It is of great political significance. The “ERA pipeline” is fortunate to be the founder of a new international chemistry campus that combines modern and classical.

When you walk in the world-famous first-tier cities in China, when you are walking around bridges, airports, subways, amusement parks, convention centers, hotels, shopping malls, the “ERA pipeline” has penetrated into every aspect of people's production and life.

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