“Gongyuan” Takes “High Speed Rail” To Accelerate Brand Promotion

On November 21st, the "Yonggao High-speed Rail Commuting Brand Launching Ceremony" held at Hongqiao Station in Shanghai marked the advent of the high-speed trains and high-speed trains of the Chinese Empire Group. Line of sight, to show the public unique brand image of the Gongyuan.

The creation of the Amoy brand high-speed rail train is an important measure for the Group to vigorously implement the brand strategy and enhance the brand value and influence. It is another “masterpiece” after joining Huang Hua, the image ambassador of the Gongyuan. “The China High Speed Rail has always been a symbol and pride of the national strength, and the same as the leader of China's plastics pipeline industry, the Gongyuan Group is also highly favored and affirmed by domestic and foreign markets and consumers,” said Yung Hsiong, general manager of Yonggao Co., Ltd. in his opening ceremony speech. The "Gongyuan Group" and the "China High Speed Rail" will join forces to form a strong alliance across the country and send healthy water and life to millions of households."

Shen Peng, deputy general manager of Shanghai Railway Cultural Advertising Development Co., Ltd., said in his speech: “High-speed rail is one of the most important means of transportation for the public at the moment. High-speed rail media has the characteristics of wide coverage, high exposure, large influence, etc. A strong driving force for the publicity and promotion of the national brand of the United Kingdom."

It is reported that the first Gongyuan brand trains were mainly Shanghai-Nanjing Line and Nanjing-Hangzhou-Ningbo Line, covering the eastern coastal areas and involving more than 30 trains. The brand trains use seat head stickers and carriage posters as the main presentation vectors. The propaganda screens based on image spokesmen and home improvement products are simple and elegant, integrating corporate and brand elements, and emphasizing the promotion of the “Home” brand in the homeland of the Gongyuan. Three-dimensional display of the connotation of the ad brand, which will increase brand awareness and reputation, continue to expand the sound of the public brand. At the same time, it also allows safe, green, and healthy brand concepts to continue deep into the hearts of consumers.

Shao Jun, general manager of Yonggao Group Marketing Center, Tao Jinrui, general manager of Yonggao Home Improvement Division, and Huang Daming, deputy general manager of Huatie Media Group Operation and Maintenance Center attended the ceremony.

At 1:30 pm, the first train of the Gongyuan brand departed from Shanghai Hongqiao station and the “Gongyuan” brand promotion accelerated.

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