The 2019 Product Exchange Meeting Of ERA Pipeline Was Held In Chongqing

On June 4th, the "20th Annual Product New Technology Exchange Conference" jointly organized by ERA Group Yonggao Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Municipal Civil Engineering and Water Supply and Drainage Committee and Chongqing Yonggao was grandly held at Chongqing Liangjiang Lijing Hotel. Held. The exchange invited more than 100 experts from Chongqing's water supply and drainage field experts, architects and well-known real estate associations to attend the conference. Luo Jianhua, deputy general manager of Yonggao Southwest Region and general manager of Chongqing Yonggao, attended the exchange meeting with the company's technical, marketing and after-sales department heads.

The meeting exchanged and discussed how to innovate urban underground pipe network construction, promotion of ERA products and how to rapidly expand the western market.

In recent years, with the acceleration of China's urbanization construction process, the lag of the construction of drainage pipe network has become more and more prominent. Especially the phenomenon of “inside the city” spread throughout the country reflects the seriousness and urgency of urban drainage problems. This is also very important, and in 2015, Chongqing has been listed as one of the 16 pilot cities in the country.

The ERA Group has 36 years of experience in pipeline production, especially in terms of technological innovation and R&D. It is a socially responsible company. The high-end products such as “HDPE three-wall composite reinforced pipe”, “inspection well” and “PVC-M high-impact double-wall corrugated pipe” brought by ERA Group have reached the international advanced level, and these new products are in the structure. , stability, ring stiffness, construction requirements and pipe connection have many advantages, is an important breakthrough for traditional plastic pipes, is a major upgrade of the technical level of plastic double-wall corrugated pipe, is used for the construction of urban drainage Innovative products. At present, these products have been promoted and used in the construction of underground pipelines in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, etc. The western region has not been widely promoted, and the promotion of products can help the sponge city in the southwest region to contribute.

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