ERA Group Of Machine Substitution: Upgraded Workshop The Look Of The Future Factory

The 8,000-square-meter workshop is neat and orderly. More than 180 injection molding machines are in order, and the nuts with a diameter of only a few millimeters are pressed into the high-temperature threaded pipe injection molded parts one by one. The injection molding workshop in Shuangpu Plant of Yonggao Co., Ltd. in Huangyan District of Taizhou City is still very busy.

Taizhou is an important manufacturing base in the Yangtze River Delta region. Like the tens of thousands of local manufacturing companies in the region, Yonggao shares seven years ago have been plagued by low-end, extensive production and homogenization.

“We took a bold step at the time. In 2010, we took the lead in investing in the injection molding workshop to try to use the robot to carry out the 'machine substitution'.” Xu Jianhua, the 34-year-old director of Shuangpu Plant, said that in addition to the significant improvement in production efficiency, the product qualification rate Up to 99.6%, the bigger change is that the workshop is clean, and the accidents at work are almost reduced to zero. "Profit account, security account... We have counted a lot of accounts, and we have found that although we have invested a lot of money in a short period of time, we have a certain risk in the long run."

The facts also prove this. After the "substitution of machines", Yonggao shares saved labor costs of 25 million yuan each year, and the output value increased steadily year by year.

In 2013, Taizhou began to support the “machine substitution” project and vigorously introduced favorable policies. Yonggao, which has tasted the "machine substitution" sweetness, responded quickly, so there was an upgraded injection molding workshop that started production last year. In 2016, Yonggao was awarded the first batch of “machine substitution” demonstration enterprises in Zhejiang Province.

However, for Xu Jianhua, the more important upgrade is not a machine, but a person.

Walking in the machinery-lined workshop, I can't see a few workers. "If in the past, such a large workshop would require at least four or five hundred workers, and now only five or six workers are on duty." Xu Jianhua said with great emotion that "machine substitution" changed the number of workers and changed the workers. Occupational structure, work concept, etc., "Like the mechanics I have done, when I was working, I was less pitiful than the operators, but now the mechanics are much more than the operators." Xu Jianhua said.

From 2013 to 2016, Taizhou City has completed an investment of 227.1 billion yuan in industrial technology transformation with the focus on “machine substitution”, with an average annual growth rate of 26.6%. The growth rate ranks in the forefront of the province; 6.1%, reaching 149,600 yuan / person.

However, like many other companies in Taizhou that are engaged in intelligent manufacturing, although the concept of workshops and workshop workers is undergoing tremendous changes, Zhang Xiankang, deputy general manager of Yonggao Co., told reporters that Yonggao’s commitment to manufacturing industry and the pursuit of product quality Has not changed. Plastic manufacturing has always been the top priority of the company's industrial development, and its share has remained above 90%.

"If you come back in a year or two, you should be able to see the 3.0 version of the injection molding workshop." For the future, Zhang Xiankang and his colleagues are full of confidence. Taizhou proposed to build a “manufacturing capital” last year. In October this year, the Taizhou “Robot+” special action implementation plan (2017-2020) was also issued. As early as 2013, Yonggao, which established the “postdoctoral research station”, will officially start building a “smart factory” marked by “machine network” and “factory networking” next year, thus realizing intelligent manufacturing in the true sense. 

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