ERA Selected In The List Of Top 100 Companies In Environmental Protection Innovation

Recently, for the domestic environmental protection companies in Shenzhen and Shanghai, 18 specific indicators were evaluated from the four dimensions of “enterprise innovation investment”, “enterprise innovation efficiency”, “enterprise technology conversion efficiency” and “new industry integration ability”. The "Top 100 Innovation Companies in Environmental Protection" list was released. ERA was successfully selected into the top 100 list and the innovation efficiency sub-list, ranking 23rd and 14th respectively.
It is understood that in the indicator system, the total weight of "enterprise innovation basic capability" and "enterprise innovation input capability" accounts for 70% of the total, which plays a core supporting role for the enterprise's innovation ability. Based on the above two dimensions, it is analyzed to form an "environmental protection enterprise. "Innovation input sub-list" and "green industry innovation efficiency sub-list."

During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, innovation and development have become an important theme, infiltrating into various industry sectors, and the environmental protection industry has been driven by three-wheeled development driven by capital and policy coupled to technological innovation. With the change of environmental pollution control to the improvement of environmental quality, the pollution control project has significantly improved the technical and technological requirements of enterprises. The municipal series of pipeline products produced by ERA shares and the “Wisdom Pipe Network” system under development are the main products of environmental governance. In recent years, ERA has continuously increased its investment in scientific research. With ERA Institute as the platform and core of enterprise innovation, it has continuously introduced advanced research and development and production equipment at home and abroad, continuously improved its independent innovation capability, and provided scientific and technological support for industrial transformation and upgrading. The environmental protection business injects technological elements and undertakes more social responsibilities.

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