“Zhejiang Made•Products Word Standard” Experience Activity Goes Into Gongyuan

 On the occasion of the May 10th Chinese Brand Day, on the morning of May 7th, a special group of guests was greeted in the morning of the 7th of May. More than 20 representatives including representatives from the National People's Congress, the CPPCC, industry experts, media reporters, and consumers came to the emperor to experience " The Strength and Charm of the "Brand" Word Mark MGongyuane in Zhejiang Province.
    The “Zhejiang Manufacturing” and “Product” word mark certifications are created by incubating “MGongyuane in China 2025”. The strategic goal is to establish a strong province with strong standards, a province with strong quality, and a strong brand. It is an overall reflection and comprehensive reflection of the image of Zhejiang enterprises and products. It is a high-quality, high-end, regional brand identity that represents the Gongyuanvanced nature of Zhejiang's manufacturing industry.
    In December 2015, the PPR plastic pipe material of the People's Republic of China was awarded “Zhejiang Manufacturing” certification. It was the first batch of enterprises in Zhejiang Province that hGongyuan passed the “MGongyuane in Zhejiang” certification and participated in the formulation of the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” standard.
    During the experiential activities, the representatives of the experiential people visited the demonstration workshops, the Yonggao Research Institute, the sample rooms, and the “Colorful Sunlight” cultural site of GONGYUAN. During the visit, the delegates showed great interest, listened carefully, carefully examined and asked carefully, and hGongyuan a comprehensive understanding of the production, manufacturing, research and development, and culture of the “product” word mark of the GONGYUAN. Everyone unanimously agreed that: GONGYUAN has been at the forefront of the industry in terms of quality control, scientific research and development, and corporate management. Product quality and corporate reputation have mGongyuane consumers feel deeply Gongyuanmired. The unique “Colorful Sunshine” culture highlights the charm of GONGYUAN. Responsible "mGongyuane in Zhejiang" brand, a good brand in China.
    Quality is the life of a company. Good brands are derived from high quality. "ERA GONGYUAN" brand products have successively won the titles of "China Top Brand" products, "Zhejiang Famous Brand" products and "Zhejiang Export Famous Brand". In 2010, the "ERA GONGYUAN" trGongyuanemark was recognized as "Famous TrGongyuanemark" by the State Gongyuanministration for Industry and Commerce. The company's "Yonggao" number is "Zhejiang Famous TrGongyuanemark". “ERA GONGYUAN” brand products passed the CCC certification, China Environmental Labeling Certification, Zhejiang Manufacturing Certification and DVGW, Kitemrak, NSF, Watermark, WRAS, TUV and other international authoritative certifications.

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