Helping Agriculture And Rural Revitalization


"Dream of the summer solstice, everything is beautiful". On June 12th, the 7th Jurong City Farming Culture Rice Transplanting Festival "Adult Management of Rice" kicked off in Jurong City, Jiangsu Province. ERA Co., Ltd. signed the "ERA Managed 'Rice' Project Jurong Public Brand '811' Strategic Cooperation Framework" with the Jurong Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau and the Houbai Town People's Government of Jurong City, and launched the "ERA Pipeline Rural Assistance to Agriculture". Farming Plan".


At the meeting, Deputy Mayor Xu Fei delivered a congratulatory speech on behalf of the Jurong Municipal People's Government. In his speech, he pointed out that "focusing on agriculture" is the outline of the country. The farming culture can fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of farmers, and continuously improve the sense of honor, happiness and gain of the people. Joining hands with ERA this time, we can gather great strength for accelerating the modernization of Jurong's rural areas, and inject new kinetic energy and provide new directions for the agricultural development of the whole city.


Ji Xiong, general manager of ERA Co., Ltd., pointed out in his speech that this signing is the "second bond" between ERA and Jurong. It will give us new connotations and missions, and will also take this opportunity to open and explore "government and enterprise". A new model and new field of cooperation”. He firmly believes that the power of unity will surely unleash boundless energy. We must turn the pursuit of a happy career and the yearning for a better life into the driving force for rural revitalization, let "scientific and technological innovation" help "rural revitalization", and let "the mission live up to its expectations". "To drive "the common people to get rich".


At the same time, Sheng Jing delivered a congratulatory speech on behalf of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Jurong Rice Industry Research Institute. Du Zhuhou delivered a welcome speech on behalf of Jiangsu Haoweidao Ecological Technology Co., Ltd.


The "Yuan Guan 'Rice'" project is an important part of Jurong City's "811" strategy. Jurong adheres to the agricultural development strategy of "80,000 mu of high-yield green rice, 10,000 mu of comprehensively planted and raised ecological rice, and 1,000 mu of high-end pure organic rice", in order to help the local "industry revitalization, technological innovation, help and benefit farmers" ". The Rural Aid and Agricultural Assistance Program of ERA and the cross-border linkage and brand IP building project of ERA Managed 'Rice' are ERA's first public welfare projects in the agricultural sector. We will conduct in-depth exploration and cooperation in joint brand building and precise agricultural support, so as to realize technology sharing, channel building, brand sharing, and farmers' mutual wealth.


It is understood that this project is the enrichment, inheritance and extension of ERA's corporate vision of "becoming a creator of a happy life" and the brand mission of "making flow more worry-free and making the world a better place". Adhere to building a "hundred-year enterprise", and devote itself to co-creating and sharing happiness with employees, partners, and society.


Jurong City has a superior geographical location and a good ecological environment. It is known as the "land of fish and rice". As a traditional festival in Jurong, the "Rice Transplanting Festival" reflects the local farming culture for thousands of years. Inheritance, it transmits the wishes and planting skills of ancestors from generation to generation by reproducing their ancestors' rice-planting ceremony. In the various interesting links of entertaining and entertaining, this activity allowed the majority of tourists and local villagers to experience "one porridge and one meal are not easy to come by", and also experienced the beauty of Jurong's farming culture.


Yuan Min, Director of Jurong Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Zhang Shijun, Director of Jurong Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio, Television and Tourism, leading experts from Jurong Rice Industry Research Institute of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, relevant leaders of Houbai Town People's Government of Jurong City and relevant leaders of ERA Shares Attend events.


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