Caizhu 2022 Supplier Composite Index SCI Is Released! ERA Was Rated As A Samsung Supplier
On July 5th, the 8th Global Shenzhen Business Conference and Mining and Construction Joint Conference 4 were successfully held in Shenzhen. The 2022 Supplier Composite Index SCI evaluation results were released on the spot, and hundreds of buyers, suppliers, industry Associations, experts in the field, etc. praised and recognized.

ERA Shares obtained the "Samsung Supplier" evaluation result in this SCI comprehensive evaluation. There are more than 1,200 suppliers participating in the SCI evaluation this time, of which only 99 suppliers have won the title of "Samsung Supplier", accounting for only 8.2%.

As the country's leading third-party B2B building materials procurement and trading platform, Caizhu has been committed to helping supply-side reform through the platform, improving the transparency of industry procurement, promoting the green upgrade of the industry, and driving the improvement of the real estate supply chain service level. Up to now, the platform has registered over 2,300 buyer customers, over 6,800 supplier partners, with over 320,000 SKUs, and has gathered 890 billion traffic in the building materials industry.

In 2021, Caizhu will cooperate with hundreds of industry authoritative units to jointly build a comprehensive procurement and construction supplier

01. SCI has two main purposes: to create a white list of suppliers in the building materials industry, to accurately and quickly lock the SCI sellers without makeup, to maximize the flow effect of hundreds of billions of building materials, and to upgrade the champion ecosystem.

SCI (Supplier Composite Index) refers to the comprehensive evaluation of suppliers' factories, products, brands, finance, service capabilities, social responsibility, etc., to analyze the performance of enterprises in economic activities, to reflect the comprehensive ability of enterprises, and the performance of enterprises in the industry. , relative contribution and status in society.

In August 2021, Caizhu will join forces with 100+ developers, 50+ design institutes, 10+ financial institutions, 3 third-party audit institutions, 12 national-level testing centers, construction units, and industry experts to establish the SCI Co-construction Alliance. Relying on "real" and "data" to launch a comprehensive supplier index SCI, and through the SCI evaluation results, create a whitelist of suppliers in the building materials industry to solve the industry's low-cost bids, difficulty in sourcing, evaluation, and high transaction costs.

"2021 Supplier Comprehensive Index SCI" analyzes the performance of enterprises in economic activities through a comprehensive review of suppliers' factories, products, brands, finance, service capabilities, and social responsibilities, and reflects the performance of enterprises in economic activities. The relative contribution and status of the comprehensive ability of the enterprise in the industry and society. This evaluation focuses on "real data", extracts 8 dimensions based on the buyer's business concerns, and conducts a comprehensive evaluation of suppliers based on 55 subdivision indicators, and uses primary data to ensure that the evaluation is objective and fair.

There are as many as 70 categories and more than 1,200 suppliers participated in the evaluation. A total of 3,000+ factory audit reports have been reviewed, 530,000+ test reports have been analyzed, 3,600+ financial statements have been interpreted, and more than 200 co-construction units have completed online and offline special evaluations. , Invite tens of thousands of people to participate in online voting.

For buyers

The output results of SCI will assist buyers and customers to make accurate and rapid decisions, and solve the pain points such as difficulty in sourcing suppliers, high sourcing costs, and difficulty in evaluation.

For suppliers

SCI output results help suppliers to clearly position themselves, accurately reach business opportunities, and complete transactions.

For industry chain and other industries

The output results of SCI will effectively assist the construction industry chain and other industries to quickly find out the supply capacity of the construction industry. At the same time, it has important guiding significance for the green upgrading and high-quality development of the construction industry.

02. Three major features of SCI: no filter, no impurities, no advertising

SCI does not charge any fees for participating units.

SCI evaluation data is true. The evaluation data comes from real estate developers, design institutes, construction units, testing institutions, financial institutions, suppliers, third-party data platforms and other channels, covering the entire industry chain. SCI compares and identifies data based on the evaluation model to ensure the authenticity of the data.

SCI evaluation data is abundant. More than 1,500 supplier audit data, 530,000 Skynet flight inspection reports, 3,750 financial statements, more than 200 co-construction units online and offline special evaluations, and tens of thousands of public votes.

03. Strong push by the whole industry, SCI is unstoppable

Caizhu fully combines the SCI evaluation content with Vanke’s more than 30 years of supply chain management experience, as well as the supply chain management achievements of industry authorities, and outputs the 2021 “Guide to the Building Materials Industry of Caizhu” to provide the industry with an objective and fair, and can quickly find out the products Power and wind direction, a supply and procurement cooperation guidance tool that comprehensively understands the strength of suppliers, assists buyers and customers to make accurate and rapid decisions, and proves the comprehensive strength of suppliers.

At the same time, SCI is also promoting through the official website, mini programs, and self-media matrix, etc., to display the evaluation data in real time for all users. SCI will be updated every year, and the evaluation model will be iterated continuously, striving to provide the industry with the most objective and reliable information.

ERA Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002641) is the core subsidiary of ERA Group, founded in 1993. It is the vice chairman unit of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, the chairman unit of the Plastic Pipeline Special Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, and the National Plastic Products Association. The chairman unit of the Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC48/SC3).

The company has ten production bases around the world, and has 16 wholly-owned subsidiaries and two holding companies under its jurisdiction. The production and sales volume has ranked first among the domestic A-share listed companies for plastic pipes for many consecutive years, and the export volume has ranked first in the national industry for many consecutive years. Since 2008, the company has reached a strategic cooperation with Vanke in the centralized procurement of plastic pipes, and has been selected as a Grade A supplier by Vanke for 8 consecutive years (2013-2020).

As a national high-tech enterprise, the company has established innovative platforms such as a national post-doctoral research station, a national enterprise technology center, and a national laboratory (accredited by CNAS), with strong R&D strength. By the end of 2021, the whole group has obtained a total of more than 700 national authorized patents, 1 foreign authorized invention patent, and presided over or participated in the formulation and revision of more than 100 national (industry) standards.

The company integrates research and development, production, sales and service, and has constructed eight fields of municipal pipe network, industrial pipe network, construction engineering, fire protection, power communication, whole house decoration, agricultural breeding, gas pipe network and PVC with the most complete varieties and specifications. , PPR, PE, CPVC, PE-RT, PB, metal materials, composite materials eight series, a total of more than 7,000 different specifications, categories of pipe, pipe fittings and valve products, with an annual production capacity of 1.6 million tons.

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