ERA Group Promotes School-Enterprise Cooperation And Shoulders Social Responsibility

All along, college students in colleges and universities in China are mostly based on theory. Once faced with graduation, how to improve their practical ability has become a difficult problem for many college students. On the other hand, society is in urgent need of high-volume, high-standard service-oriented talent. Under this contradiction between supply and demand, the school-enterprise cooperative teaching model that has emerged in recent years has provided a new way of thinking and new methods.

On July 10, Yonggao and Zhejiang Industry and Trade Vocational and Technical College officially signed the framework of the school-enterprise cooperation agreement. The first phase of the “Yonggao Modern Apprentice Class” was enrolled, and 25 mold students were enrolled in the form of masters’ hands-on teaching. The school jointly cultivates professional and technical personnel. Both schools and enterprises take this opportunity to increase the employment rate of Zhejiang Industry and Trade, and also add fresh blood and reserve power to Yonggao.

Zhejiang Industry and Trade Vocational and Technical College said that school-enterprise cooperation can improve students' vocational skills and enable graduates to quickly realize their role change. The most important thing is that students' comprehensive application ability will be improved in post practice. Yonggao shares provide good results. Opportunities and platforms are also the first mentor after these students have contacted society.

As the largest core listed subsidiary of ERA Group, Yonggao is one of the largest companies in the domestic chemical construction industry with the largest production scale and the most widely used pipeline technology. The company has been actively practicing the concept of integration of production and education, the company's products and service models. Gradually recognized by major universities. In addition to cooperating with Zhejiang Industry and Trade to start a school-enterprise mold class, in June this year, it established a cooperation with Taizhou Vocational and Technical College to establish a "modern apprenticeship class" and a "dual-class class". Last year, it was associated with Taizhou College and Taizhou Science and Technology Vocational College. The first vocational and technical school in Huangyan established a cooperative relationship and promoted the auxiliary dealers to train the salesman project.

At present, Yonggao shares is centered on the professionalization of talents, with the construction of talent echelon and performance management as the starting point, and the education ecosystem that can support the development strategy of enterprises is gradually taking shape. The relevant person in charge of Yonggao shares said that to realize the grand vision of Yonggao's “100-year enterprise, 10 billion production value”, it is inseparable from the strong support of talents. The company has been exploring the construction of talent team and upgrading talents. In addition, as a responsible enterprise, Yonggao shares teamed up with universities to create a cooperative education platform to promote the transformation of students' innovation and entrepreneurial achievements, and promote the transformation and upgrading of domestic construction-related education.

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