To Ensure Non-Polluting Health And Safety

In order to make the drainage PPR pipe more smooth pipe, drainage pipe construction should be done in the level measurement before the pipe installation. Pipe industry to give you a brief introduction PPR pipe application.

   Indoor water supply and drainage construction must be carried out in cooperation with other professionals, the first pipe before the pipeline to check whether there is any foreign body obstruction, construction temporary stop, the orifice should be blocked. PPR pipe installation must be reserved before the hole and civil works with a good reservation, burial stents and other work. Water supply, drainage pipe installation and other pipe installation should be carried out. And pay attention to the application of non-combustion pipe fittings will be tightly packed through the gap when the firewall through the firewall, the pipeline insulation materials also apply flame retardant materials, and do a good job hanging bracket fixed. Pipe fittings to ensure non-polluting health and safety, then all you have to do is to use before cleaning and disinfection.

  Various PPR pipe fittings should be clearly marked when laying. Remember PPR pipe legislation, horizontal pipe as close to the column and beam, PPR pipe installation requires not only neat and beautiful, but also to ensure quality.

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