An Environmentally Friendly Pipe, So Efficient Thermal Insulation

FRPP anti-corrosion pipe has great advantages, we will introduce to you below.

First of all, the use of FRPP pipe and the entire process will not be adversely affected the human body and the environment

Second, the FRPP pipe has the following characteristics in addition to the advantages of light weight, good strength, corrosion resistance and long service life of the general plastic pipe. The pipe also has the following characteristics: non-toxic and hygienic; heat-resistant and heat- UV resistance is poor.

Finally, FRPP as an environmentally friendly pipe, to achieve efficient thermal insulation energy saving, thermal conductivity is only one eighth of the metal pipe, for hot water pipe insulation energy saving effect is excellent. Allegedly if the water temperature 50 ° C, 2 hours a day, the annual savings of gas around 400 yuan.

Its excellent performance, high cost, suitable for hot and cold drinking water piping systems, water purification, water pipes, hot water circulation system FRPP, FRPP anti-corrosion pipe of the dominant beverage production and delivery systems and industrial and agricultural products production and processing piping .

FRPP pipe long service life ----- at rated temperature and pressure conditions, FRPP pipe can be safely used for more than 50 years Excellent corrosion resistance ----- FRPP pipe is resistant to most chemicals, can be very Large range to withstand PH value range of 1-14 high concentrations of acid and alkali corrosion. Higher stiffness ----- due to the addition of glass fiber reinforced materials so that the FRPP tube is not easy to deform. Heat-resistant energy-saving ----- FRPP pipe maximum temperature of 95 degrees, the thermal conductivity of the product is only 1/200 of the steel, it has better insulation properties. Reliable connection properties ----- FRPP tube hot melt interface strength higher than the pipe body, the seam will not be due to soil movement or load disconnect. Good construction performance ----- FRPP tube light, welding process is simple, convenient construction, low overall project cost.

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