Improve the subject, share the internal publication and promote communication

In order to further strengthen the quality improvement of the QCC project in Shuangpu Plant and expand the ideas for QCC improvement, with the opportunity of internal publication, it enabled the workshops to improve communication and brainstorm. The improvement of existing topics is more comprehensive and the logic is more rigorous. The last two factory directors also put forward relevant requirements according to the internal QCC communication matters:

1. Cost management still depends on improvement and QCC topics. While improving the atmosphere, QCC topics should also sink to the grass-roots level.

2. A good QCC topic can not be separated from the support of good improvement, and some improvements have their relevance. The summary and classification of daily improvements will play a role in the presentation of final results.

3. When analyzing QCC topics, workshop supervisors should be comprehensive and specific; At the same time, the improvement process should also be implemented quickly.

[Daixi Plant Area] Lean Training Camp

[Learn from each other and make progress together] Daixi Plant Jingke, adhering to the ideas of headquarters leaders and lean tutors, organized the lean training camp. The training camp is composed of 8 people: the whole staff of the lean department, the workshop lean principal, and the members of the Star Sea Daixi. Lean training camp activities are scheduled to be held at 8:30 every Wednesday morning. Each time, one or two members sort out the training courseware and publish it in class. Lean training camp has been carried out three times in October, and will be carried out in an orderly manner after that.

[Shanglian Plant Area] Optimization of saddle type installation mode of packaging D1

[Strive for Excellence, Benefit and Excellence] Before the installation of saddles in the packaging workshop, it was necessary to apply glue to the upper body and the base groove to make them stick. It was left to dry for 1.5 hours. The work efficiency was low, and only 100 saddles could be glued with 5 kg glue. The material consumption was high and the glue smell was strong. In order to solve these problems, Packaging Workshop D1, together with Lean Technology and the Technology Department, optimized the installation mode of saddle type products from glue pasting to machine hot melt welding.

After the hot melt welding plan for the saddle is formulated, the packaging workshop will immediately start to implement it and manufacture the saddle fusion welding equipment. After the hot melt welding equipment is used, the working efficiency is significantly improved. After a product is installed in an average of 40-45 seconds, the operation of the installer becomes simpler, saving the time for glue application and air drying. In addition, the hot melt welding equipment can be directly packaged after welding, reducing the turnover site and improving the production efficiency.

[Gas Plant] Lean Training Camp Launched

[Shared growth and value] the gas plant held the opening ceremony of the lean training camp. Mr. Luo made a mobilization speech based on his years of management experience and his feelings of participating in the monthly summary of the lean department, encouraged and required the heads of all departments to continue to learn and share, and integrated "pass on", "help" and "lead" into lean management and lean operation to shape the team's style.

The lean training camp of the gas plant was established under the guidance of the lean department of the headquarters, initially determining the training cycle, training objects, training methods and training instructor requirements. The existing courseware will be sorted out in early November, and the training will be carried out on the first shift handover day.

[Anhui ERA] Exploring Improvement, Seeking Perfection, Scientific and Technological Innovation, Showing Strength

[Further Progress]  the general manager of the company, Mr. Zhu and Mr. Shi, the deputy general manager of production, led a team to visit the centralized control and monitoring room for high-speed mixed material supply automation of Workshop II, which was newly put into use for acceptance.

The high-speed mixer in the second workshop is the first workshop to implement automatic feeding since 2013. Due to the limitations of the plant structure and the gradual implementation of batch addition, it has implemented too many control systems independently, which is also limited by the current conditions. There are many and disorderly control lines and pipeline erection nodes. The environmental dust pollution of the on-site control cabinet is relatively large, the failure rate is high, and it is difficult to find maintenance, It is also a defect that has led to operation and maintenance. This year, the Power Department listed the transformation projects of the company level key work plan. It took more than two months, and the overall transformation was carried out without affecting production. The monitoring room on the second floor of the high-speed mixing unit data acquisition and centralized feeding automation was officially put into use in October. Compared with the high-speed mixing control system in the previous four workshops, the high-speed mixing centralized feeding monitoring and control system in the second workshop was more advanced in use, and its operating efficiency was more outstanding. Realize the integration of high mixing automation, automatic data collection of machine feeding and process operation, fully automated centralized monitoring and management, and also completely solve the electrical failure caused by on-site dust pollution of high mixing boiler control cabinet and system control cabinet implemented at separate multiple points.

After the visit, a summary was made at the YYC Garden of Workshop II. First of all, Mr. Zhu affirmed the overall planning, transformation and operation of its high-speed hybrid automation implementation and centralized monitoring, and put forward relevant requirements: 1. This project reflects a sense of modernity and technology, and demonstrates the strength of large enterprises; 2. To do any work, you must have an idea first, and you can do it only when you have an idea. You must apply it well and maintain it well. 3. Next year, it is planned to implement information management for workshops 1 and 5. President Shi pointed out that we should advance in exploration and pursue perfection in practical operation. 1. The completion and operation is just the beginning, and we should use and maintain well in the later stage; 2. The workshop should be problem oriented, constantly improved and innovated in use; 3. Keep the country and practice your internal skills.

[Chongqing ERA] Mechanical maintenance theory and skills exploration, improvement and capability improvement plan

[Strive for Excellence]  Chongqing ERA Production Department organized workshop mechanical maintenance technicians to evaluate their theoretical knowledge. More than 30 employees from Extrusion Workshop I, Extrusion Workshop II and Injection Molding Workshop participated in the examination.

In order to improve the level of team management, this test was carried out according to the content of the post competency model. The examination mainly involves conventional electrical circuit knowledge, abnormal finding and handling in the production process, preparations before startup and team management. According to the evaluation of the results of the examination papers, the Production Department formulates a follow-up special training plan, finds out the deficiencies in the answers and conducts point-to-point training. At the same time, it carries out technical practice drills and explanations, so as to ensure that the machine repair personnel can "write", "speak" and "operate", and improve both theory and practice.

Let the "examination+training" model roll well, improve the overall technical level and management level of the team, and build channels for the promotion of follow-up machine maintenance personnel and the appointment of team leaders.

[Shenzhen ERA] Summary of key work and topics

[Promotion and Implementation of Excellent Projects] Shenzhen ERA held a monthly lean summary meeting, at which the General Manager of Shanglu requested all departments to check the completion of the current project and the annual lean promotion plan.

At the meeting, the progress of this year's project was carefully analyzed. Although the overall goal of cost reduction and efficiency increase had been exceeded, there was a gap between the labor cost indicators of each workshop and the planned goals at the beginning of the year. Although the main factors were the decline in market sales, which led to a large year-on-year decrease in output and the impact of objective factors such as the minimum wage standard, we were also required to tap our potential inwards, scientifically allocate personnel, and optimize job settings, Improve production efficiency and reduce labor cost per ton.

The meeting put forward requirements for cost reduction and efficiency increase in the next year, and continued to maintain, especially in terms of saving rice weight. This year, improving and optimizing the formula has produced significant economic benefits. Next year, we will promote the installation of automatic weighing equipment for line pipes, and maintain the stability and improvement of product quality while reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

[Guangdong ERA] Discussion on the target of 2023

[Lean production target first] First of all, the work of the whole year is summarized: the labor cost per ton rises due to the unsaturated production tasks; Although low value consumables have declined, the decline has not reached the expected range; The saving space of rice weight is not large on the premise of ensuring product performance; The power consumption per ton failed to decrease in the first half of the year. With the technical transformation and the new power system being put into use, the power consumption decreased significantly when moving to a new plant; In terms of safety, although the number of accidents decreased significantly, the overall medical expenses exceeded the target at the beginning of the year too much.

Through summary and analysis, cause investigation and countermeasures, KPI indicators for the next year have been formulated, and corresponding targets have been formulated in terms of cost control, quality control, efficiency improvement, site management, team building, etc. They have been disassembled into the objectives, action plans, completion time nodes, responsible persons and indicator control methods of each workshop.

[Tianjin ERA] Special counseling meeting on "three demolitions and one demolition"

[Pursue Excellence and Strive for Excellence] From 8:00 a.m. on October 26 to 17:00 p.m. on October 28, the lean backbone of the Lean Teachers Association Group, together with the department heads and workshop directors of Tianjin ERA, held a special meeting on "planning, three dismantling and one" in Tianjin ERA.

During the meeting, the department heads and workshop directors analyzed the difficulties and pain points of the department in 2023 one by one according to the 2023 plan in terms of in-depth analysis, topic selection, key work, goal setting, measure formulation, achievement effect analysis, etc., and the lean teacher answered and guided them on the spot, and the lean department personnel tracked and recorded the whole process;

At the end of the meeting, the responsible persons of all departments have completed the plan of "three demolitions and one removal" in 2023 and the key work, defined the implementation process in 23 years, and locked the goals and space to be improved. The Tianjin ERA special tutorship was successfully completed.

[Hunan ERA] Excellent Lean Improvement Case Evaluation Activity

[The pursuit of Lean is endless] Hunan ERA Phase I Excellent Lean Improvement Case Evaluation was held in the conference room on the second floor of the company. The "Excellent Improvement Case Competition" started in August "Lean Production Month" also ended.

The activity lasted for 3 months, and all staff actively participated in it, put forward a lot of improvement suggestions, and completed 75 improvement projects in total, of which 28 excellent cases participated in the final evaluation. As the judges of this activity, Wang Chengrong, vice president of production of the company, and the managers of each department listened carefully to the reports of each improvement project leader on their own projects, and scored and compared them on site. Finally, the "improvement of electrical pipe packaging size" of Workshop 3, "improvement of PE corrugated pipe 400SN8 waveform" of Workshop 1, and "a new type of power distribution cabinet radiator" of Power Equipment Department won the top three in this activity.

Improve the pass rate of PPR aluminum-plastic pipe to 95%
The first stick at the beginning of the new year brings together new forces