Here are PPR antifreeze tips in winter!
although,lt's been so hot lately,The feeling of "mild winterthis year".but,And don't forget to add a layer of protectionto your PPR pipes.

Why is it necessary to add a layer of "protection" to the PPR tube in winter.

For exposed PPR water pipes, wrap thermal insulation mate-rials such as cotton and hemp fabric, plastic, and foam to reduce the impact of outdoor low temperature on the pipes.

On cold winter days,maintaining room temperature is essential. Keeping doors and Windows closed before going to bed can not only reduce the chance of freezing your PPR tube indoors, but also help prevent colds.

When going out for a long time, it is necessary to close the water inlet valve in advance,and then open the faucet to empty the water in the pipe. The water pipe will not be frozen easily after there is no water.

For slightly frozen PPR pipes,use a hair dryer to defrost them. Note that when using a hair dryer to thaw, the hair dryer should be moved back and forth so that the water pipe is evenly heated.

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