Everyone knows the quality knowledge of Anhui ERA, and all staff participate in marketing

July September 2022 is the quality season in the theme season of cultivating the awareness of independent management of Sunshine YCC of ADHD Group. During the three months, various departments of ADHD in Anhui Province cooperated with each other to organize various forms of quality activities, which set off a "quality wind" in ADHD, Anhui Province, and further enhanced the quality awareness of employees. This quality activity is fruitful. Let's review the super "burning" moment of this quality season!

For the licensing ceremony of quality activities, President Zhu first awarded the licenses to the deputy general managers in charge, and the deputy general managers in charge carried out a two-day licensing activity for the departments under their jurisdiction. During the licensing process, the relevant requirements of the quality season shall be described one by one.
Production Part: Guidance on Independent Quality Management Consciousness, Guidance on Independent Quality Management Behavior
Office: Independent quality management behavior guidance.

Propaganda of quality awareness: "Start well" helps to improve the quality awareness and work efficiency of employees. The quality inspection team formed by the quality inspector, quality inspection team leader and inspection section leader jointly led all employees to improve their self inspection ability. Propaganda mainly involves customers complaining about products and batch abnormal accidents in the first half of the year, and forms an effective closed loop through specific examples.

Inventory inspection: Since the quality quarter was launched in July this year, all YYC cultural circles of the Production Department have conducted a centralized inspection of inventory, mainly including the appearance, size, quantity, identification and other abnormalities. Inventory screening effectively intercepts the flow of unqualified products into the market, reduces market complaints, improves employees' awareness of self inspection and mutual inspection, and achieves everyone's participation in quality control

Self training on quality: In this quality quarter, each department of the company carried out 345 quality related activities, mainly covering: basic product quality knowledge, handling of abnormal products, random inspection and learning of product quality, etc. It aims to enhance the quality awareness of workshop staff, do a good job in details and grasp the quality. We all act together.

From August 16 to August 18, a spot check on quality knowledge was conducted in 24 circles of ten workshops of the Production Department. The number of spot checks was 70, with a sampling ratio of 20%. Zhu Jianhua, the general manager, personally led the spot check. Shi Qinglin, the deputy general manager of production, Huang Jianfeng, the assistant general manager, Chu Jun, the manager of the production department, Shi Zhou, the manager of the quality control department, and Huang Yunkang, the manager of the safety and environmental protection office, cooperated in the spot check.

The spot check questions cover the basic knowledge of products, quality awareness and basic technical knowledge of each workshop. Fully improve the knowledge and understanding of the workshop staff on the pipe products of ERA.

In the process of spot check, the employees actively participated and were enthusiastic. They were able to memorize all kinds of quality test questions, reflecting a high degree of participation.

Written examination of knowledge contest
On August 22, Anhui ERA welcomed the first written examination of quality knowledge competition. The competition was led and organized by the Quality Control Department. All departments cooperated with each other, and the family members actively participated. More than 180 people participated in the written examination.

Knowledge Competition Final
On the morning of September 19, the final of the first quality quarter knowledge contest in Anhui was opened. After more than 100 people competed in the written examination, nine teams participated in the final. They not only represent the YCC cultural circle, but also represent their respective departments. Under the double honor, they can "ignite" different styles.

Each team "passed five hurdles and killed six generals" all the way, racing against the clock in the rush to answer the question, giving full play to the team spirit. After two hours of fierce competition, the witty circle won the championship, the running circle won the runner up, and the solar circle won the runner up. For the first quality quarter knowledge contest, the company leaders attached great importance to it, participated in the whole process, and affirmed the excellent performance of each contestant.

Quality proposal: This quality proposal mainly aims at putting forward opinions and suggestions on the existing and potential problems in the work, stimulating the wisdom and imagination of all employees, improving the quality of the company's products, so as to reduce costs, improve quality and reduce customer complaints. In the third quarter, there were 21 competition circles for quality lean proposals and 42 lean proposals.

Combined with the skill contest held by the HR Department, it is helpful to improve the employees' sense of self-examination, achieve "self inspection, self correction and self division", and strictly control the quality in the production process. This skill contest covers a wide range of posts and truly makes everyone a quality gatekeeper.

In the first half of 2022, there will be 9 projects in total
The Quality Control Department, the Lean Department and the Production Department track, verify, guide and inspect the QCC of the workshop at the end of each month, and timely help and solve the problems in the workshop. The subject mainly focuses on product quality, efficiency improvement and cost improvement.

The quality season activity is nearing the end. Looking back on the whole quality season, we have gained a lot. We have received strong support from the company's leaders and full cooperation from all departments. Although the quality season is nearing the end, our quality work is always on the way. Anhui AD will always focus on the group's pursuit of high quality, take creating a first-class brand as its responsibility and goal, and continue to strive for it.
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