2022 ERA Dream Day
Every dear family member:
Today is December 8, 2022, the first dream day of ERA and the anniversary of the listing of ERA shares. Today, all the family members stand under the banner of "Dream in ERA" and solemnly swear that the road of pursuing dreams in ERA 40 is filled with a sense of sacred ceremony.
Why do people have dreams? This is a big proposition of life worth thinking about. What kind of people should we be? What do we want to do? How do we want the world to change because of us? These are the essence of dreams. As long as one has a dream, life will have brilliance, just like a meteor in the night, which will leave the brightest light when it breaks the sky.
What is your dream? Perhaps it is the grand wish to change the world when I was a child, or the happy life in the fireworks after I became an adult. More recently, it may be stable work, happy family, children's academic progress, and parents' health, so as to give their families a better life and create greater value in their posts! Or maybe it is to compete with the quality every day and never let go of every defect; It is thinking hard to overcome difficulties, and it is embracing change and continuous improvement; It is the forest smoke of the market, competing with competitors everywhere; Always remind yourself: work hard and be practical! Challenge the goal and sprint! When everyone paints his dream drawing board, you may be surprised to find that his dream and "ERA Dream" are so consistent.
What is the dream of ERA? "Becoming a creator of happy life" is a century old "dream". Our original intention and belief is to create and share happiness with employees, partners and society, and make life full of happiness through struggle. Every person in the Christian era paints not only his own dream board, but also the magnificent picture of the "dream in the Christian era", the future that all the people in the Christian era yearn for.
The dream is to look at the present from the future and guide us to do it now. In the face of the current global economic winter, how should we jointly resist the winter and realize our dreams? "314518" is the dream blueprint for the next 3-5 years. It is to achieve sales revenue of 14 billion yuan by 2025 and 18 billion yuan by 2027. This is a goal that needs all the people of ERA to achieve down-to-earth. In the three years of repeated outbreaks, every Christian has withstood the test in this battle without gunsmoke, and is preparing to meet greater challenges. The chilly economic situation has constantly destroyed the wings of dreams, but it can not stop the determination of the people of ERA to strike at the sky. What we need to do is not to let the cold air spread through panic, complaint and decay, but to strengthen our confidence, inspire our morale, effectively strengthen our physique against the cold winter, and strive to forge the wings of hope that can fly high. The colder the winter is, the more we need every family member and partner to stand at the forefront of the fight, stand on the post, work steadfastly, devote themselves to learning, make continuous breakthroughs, and go through the winter to meet the spring of our people!
Dear family members, your dream and "ERA Dream" are closely related and share weal and woe. Because only by integrating "personal dream" into "ERA dream" can we find real value and significance. Only when the "ERA dream" blooms, will the "personal dream" blossom. Because, the people in ERA are the vitality factor of "ERA dream", and ERA is an important carrier of "ERA dream".
Dear family members, whether you are a senior high school grass-roots management cadre, or a dealer partner, whether you are a marketing iron army, or a front-line employee, whether you are a gray haired husband, or a young man, please remember "12.8". Please come to admire, respect and strive to be a dreamer of ERA, and please closely link the "dream of ERA people" with the "dream of ERA people". This is the "required course" of the century ERA, and also the "key word" on the way to realize the dream.
The clouds are finally swept away, and the sun is shining. Today, the new version of ERA promo premieres, which is the new horn of ERA Dream; Today, the ERA Academy officially opened, which is the new drawing board of ERA Dream; Today, we take dreams as horses and start anew, which is a new starting point for entrepreneurship in ERA 40.
The dream declaration of ERA can only stir up beautiful waves when it joins the era torrent of the "Chinese Dream". On the other side of the dream of the ERA, only when all the family members hold hands and hearts together can they arrive together.

Come on! All the ERA family!

Sincerely, we are working hard and unremittingly for our dreams!
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