The provincial list is unique in Taizhou!
Recently, the province's clean and honest Zhejiang Construction Promotion Conference was held in Hangzhou. ERA Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "Outstanding Achievement in Zhejiang Province's Clean and Clean Construction", becoming the only private enterprise unit in Taizhou City to win this honor.
In recent years, under the call of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Taizhou Municipal Party Committee, ERA has organically combined the construction of incorruptibility with the "sunshine culture" of the enterprise, strengthened organizational construction, system construction, position construction, and quality construction to promote the healthy development of the enterprise.

ERA has set up discipline inspection commissions or set up discipline inspection commissioners and integrity inspectors at the group headquarters and subsidiaries to further improve the lawful and honest operation mechanism and ensure the healthy operation of the enterprise. In August 2016, the group established the CPC Gongyuan Plastic Industry Group Disciplinary Inspection Committee, and the Huangyan District Discipline Inspection Commission set up a guidance and liaison station in the company, jointly with the company's financial department and administrative department, and established a "party-government joint" regulatory agency to strengthen the supervision of key personnel and key personnel. Supervision of positions and key links.
Focus on key positions, carry out risk point investigation, formulate a list of post powers, standardize the working mechanism and supervision mechanism of procurement, production, sales and other links, and prevent integrity risks. At the same time, on the basis of the current salary, we will explore a road of clean and honest construction suitable for the development of the ERA, incorporate clean and honest construction into the salary system, and punish those with integrity problems according to the circumstances, and those who are serious will be expelled.
Actively create a "Sunshine ERA" online and offline demonstration model of clean culture. Through extensive publicity and education activities on clean culture, making full use of calligraphy, painting, photography, reading, lectures and other forms, we will continue to deepen the corporate employees' business philosophy of integrity and law-abiding, eliminate the signs of bribery, help the formation of pro-Qing political and business relations, and create a culture that is proud of integrity and honors integrity. Greedy and honest working atmosphere.

We are always on the way to build a clean enterprise!
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