Working Conditions Change Frequency Higher Than The Pressure Vessel

1, the pressure pipeline is a system, interrelated influence each other, lead an entire body movement.

2, the pressure pipe length-diameter ratio is very large, easily destabilized, stress conditions more complicated than the pressure vessel. Pressure fluid flow in the pipeline complex, small buffer room, working conditions change frequency higher than the pressure vessel (such as high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, low pressure, displacement deformation, wind, snow, earthquakes and so may affect the pressure pipe pressure situation).

3, a wide range of pipe components and pipe support pieces, all kinds of materials have their own characteristics and specific technical requirements, the use of complex materials.

4, the pipeline may leak more than the pressure vessel, only one valve usually has five.

5, many types of pressure pipe, a large number of design, manufacture, installation, testing, application management and more, and pressure vessels are very different.

As broadly understood, pressure piping refers to all piping subject to internal or external pressure, regardless of the medium in the conduit. Piping is a part of a pipeline that conducts, distributes, mixes, separates, discharges, measures, controls and inhibits the flow of fluids and consists of pipes, fittings, flanges, bolted connections, gaskets, valves, other components Or pressure parts and support assemblies assembly assembly.

Inspection of the pressure pipeline testing include: visual inspection, thickness measurement, non-destructive testing, hardness measurement, metallography, pressure test. Magnetic particle inspection is a frequently used method of non-destructive testing. The ability of magnetic particle detection is not only related to the magnitude of the applied magnetic field strength, but also to the direction of the defect, the aspect ratio of the defect, the shape of the defect, the shape, size and surface condition of the workpiece, and the location at which the defect may occur. So there are a variety of different magnetization methods.

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