Water Pipe To Ensure Safety, Stability

PPR pipe in order to extend the service life, in addition to its own quality is good or bad, but also its construction factors, so, in order to PPR pipe can be used for a long time, PPR pipe construction is particularly important, the following Xiaobian belt Together you will find the loopholes in the construction one by one!

1, According to the PPR tube material limit, compressive ability than metal tube pressure, therefore, should be done in the construction of protection work, do not let it by a strong external extrusion.

2, due to PPR pipe in a specific environment will occur thermal expansion and contraction, so in the construction, we must adopt the relevant technical methods to prevent water pipe deformation.

3, PPR tube is strictly prohibited to prevent exposure and in the lower temperature environment, if necessary, we must take protective measures on the V tube, PPR pipe can be wrapped in protective layer outside, which play a protective role.

4, after the installation of water pipes, it should be pressure test, the pressure test and pressure test time must be based on technical requirements for pressure test, and different types of pipes, the pressure and time values are different, must be strictly in accordance with technical manuals Pressure test.

5, in the process of cloth, according to the safety distance and technical requirements, the installation of a card to be fixed, to ensure that PPR pipe when the water is safe and stable.

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