PERT Coil Packaging Aesthetic Optimization

PERT coil packaging aesthetic optimization

01 Improve the background

The outer side of the coil is not flat when it is coiled, resulting in an unsightly outer side when it is packaged.

When using the coil packaging machine, the plastic woven wrapping film cannot be tightened, which leads to the looseness of the finished wrapping plastic wrapping film, which is easy to be dislocated and scattered during the handling process.

When the packaging machine is packing, the coil is easy to shake left and right, resulting in deformation and wrinkles when the outer printing tape is pasted.


From January to July 2022, the output of PERT coils is 4,743 tons and 141,000 coils, accounting for 16.8% of all product output. It is imminent to improve the aesthetics of the outer packaging.

02 Reason Analysis


The aesthetics of PERT coil packaging affects the identification of key factors at the end and the formulation of improvement plans:


03 Improve implementation

Improvement and optimization of coil coiling inner diameter, width and other dimensions


The problem of the cable arrangement of the coil machine is improved


The tightening method of plastic woven wrapping film is improved


Improvement of the sticking method of coil printing tape


04 Improve results

Through the improvement of equipment in the process of PERT packaging operation, the improvement of personnel operation skills and competition, and the standardization of packaging operations, a great improvement in the compactness and aesthetics of the outer packaging of the PERT coil was finally achieved, and the expected results were achieved. .


In the follow-up, we will continue to improve the compactness and aesthetics of the outer packaging of the PERT coil from the perspective of equipment improvement and operation mode, so that each coil is "excellent inside and outside".

05 Summary insights

Operator coil packaging skills improvement


According to the improvement of the coil outer packaging equipment, the packaging operators are trained and guided to improve their packaging skills and proficiency.

Organize packaging operators to compete in coil packaging skills, motivate outstanding operators, set an example, create a working atmosphere where you work hard, and inspire employees to actively improve packaging operation methods and processes to achieve sustainable packaging optimization.

Standardization of the PERT coil packaging process


The operation process of the coil winding machine and the key points to pay attention to are compiled into operation instructions, standardized coil packaging operations, and paste them to the site, and the operators can work according to the standards.


Develop a standard example card for coil packaging, show the field operators an example of the finished package, and complete the coil packaging according to the standard card example.

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