The 5th China International Plastic Pipeline Exchange Conference Held In Hangzhou

From October 26 to October 27, 2017, the 5th China (2017 Hangzhou International Plastic Pipeline Exchange Conference), co-sponsored by China Plastics Processing Industry Association's Plastics Pipeline Committee (CPPA) and the International Plastic Pipes Conference Association (PPCA), was The Hangzhou Sanli New Century Grand Hotel is hosting. This conference is also one of the series of activities for the China Plastics Processing Industry Scientific and Technological Innovation Year (2017-2018). Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, Chairman of the Plastics Pipeline Professional Committee (CPPA) of China Plastics Processing Industry Association (CPPA) Zhang Jianjun and Chairman of the 18th International Plastics Pipeline Conference of the International Plastic Pipe Conference Association (PPCA) Zoran Davidovski attended the meeting and delivered opening remarks.

In his speech, Director Zhang Jianjun pointed out that in recent years, the development of the plastic pipe industry in China has been steadily increasing. The adjustment of industrial structure, the pace of transformation and upgrading have been accelerated, and the level of technological innovation and technological progress and the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry have been continuously improved. At this meeting, everyone gathered in Hangzhou to discuss plans for the development of the plastics pipeline industry. The exchanges and discussions were initiated in various aspects, including technological innovation, technological progress, market application, quality improvement, and energy conservation and environmental protection in the plastic pipe industry at home and abroad. And technical exchanges can further promote the production and application level of the plastic pipe industry, promote the healthy development of the Chinese and international plastic pipe industry, increase the overall competitiveness of the industry, and contribute to the continuous progress of the plastic pipe industry.

In the speech, Zoran Davidovski, chairman of the 18th International Plastic Pipes Conference of the International Plastic Pipe Conference (PPCA), stated that China is the world's largest plastic pipe system application market. The development and growth of China's construction industry has significantly promoted the technological progress of the plastic pipe industry. Since the China International Plastic Pipes Exchange Conference was held, the plastic pipe industry in China has developed rapidly. On the one hand, the industrial concentration of large-scale plastic pipe companies is continuously increasing; on the other hand, smaller-scale plastic pipe companies are dying out. The former is the result of product quality driven, and the latter is caused by fierce competition in production costs. China's water industry's "13th Five-Year Plan" focuses on the three water-related goals of water use, water efficiency, and water quality. It is believed that with the advantages of long service life and excellent quality of plastic pipe products, the plastic pipe industry will surely achieve all its goals through unremitting efforts.

Wang Zhanjie, secretary general of the Plastic Pipeline Professional Committee of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, made a report titled “China's Plastic Pipeline Industry—Technology Improvement and Quality Improvement”, through an in-depth analysis of the development status and existing problems of China's plastic pipe industry. It is proposed to lead the industry with technological advancement and promote the upgrading of the industry with quality improvement as a breakthrough point, achieve industrial upgrading of the industry and overall level improvement, accelerate technological innovation and technological progress, further enhance product quality, strengthen brand building, and improve overall competitiveness. To adapt to the various needs of different markets, accelerate the advancement of China from a big plastic pipe country to a powerful country.

The conference organized 28 professional reports from domestic and foreign experts around the topics of plastic pipe materials, equipment, R&D, production, testing, installation, application, certification, and sustainable development. The participants also exchanged and discussed relevant issues.  

It is reported that this conference is the continuation of the "18th (Berlin) International Plastics Pipeline Conference" and is also the fifth international plastic pipe exchange conference held in China, from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Spain, Plastic pipe production industry, resin and auxiliary raw material industry, equipment industry, construction industry, gas industry and related associations, testing institutes, design institutes, research institutes, universities and universities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam and other countries. 424 representatives of relevant media attended the conference.

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