ERA Gongyuan Was Once Again Selected As Zhejiang Export Famous Brand

Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce announced the list of 2017 "Zhejiang Export Famous Brands" companies. Yonggao's "ERA" was selected successfully.

It is understood that the “Zhejiang Export Famous Brand” selection is to further implement the decision-making and deployment of the provincial party committee and the provincial government on implementing a strong brand province, and actively promote the project of “Quality Zhejiang Goods and Marketing”, starting the application for review and review work from July last year. "Zhejiang Export Famous Brand" is valid for 3 years. Yonggao's re-election is the fourth successful selection since 2008's first selection, highlighting the great share of the "ERA AD" brand in the global market. Influence and high reputation.

As a leading company in the industry, Yonggao shares the largest number of foreign trade exports in the industry for many years. In recent years, the company has vigorously implemented its brand strategy. Its brand value and competitiveness have been increasing on the "international stage". The trademark "ERA AD" has been registered in nearly 100 countries (regions) around the world, including the German DVGW, the United States NSF, and the Australian WATERMARK. The “big name certification” of more than one hundred countries in the world, including KITEMARK in the United Kingdom, etc., has become the plastic pipe production and export enterprise that has obtained the most certification in the industry and meets the national (regional) standards.

From Taizhou to the global sales network layout, from the "Zhejiang Quality" export leader to the "Zhejiang Export Famous Brand", from trademark registration to authoritative certification, from the new foreign trade production base to the "going out" strategy is gradually implemented, "Yuan Zhizhi Traveling to all four continents of the five continents, actively participating in international competitions and sharing "China-made" with the world.

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