The Year Of The Canton Fair: ERA Embraces The World

As the largest foreign trade event in China, the Canton Fair is not only a barometer and a vane of foreign trade, but also an important stage for promoting export trade to break through and promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade enterprises. In the autumn of October, with the arrival of the 120th Canton Fair, the Canton Fair passed its 60th birthday. In the old days, the pattern of vitality. From the practice of the “Belt and Road Initiative” to the impact of exchange rate fluctuations, to the cross-border merger and acquisition trend “volume” venue, the Canton Fair, which carries more than 24,000 companies like aircraft carriers, has become more than a barometer and a trend indicator for China’s foreign trade and global markets. It is also a big stage for demonstrating the new trends in the transformation and upgrading of "Made in China," demonstrating the infinite possibilities of the future. The same is true of other companies in ERA, where they meet, meet, and bring in with buyers from 210 countries and regions around the world. From the first “convergence” in 2002 to the endorsement of “Made in China” with a strong lineup, diversified products and ingenious qualities in 2016, the Canton Fair witnessed the growth and development of ERA and recorded the leading strength of China's plastic pipe industry.


Since the Canton Fair was founded in the spring of 1957, it has gone through 60 years. The “inclusion” of ERA and the Canton Fair was in 2002. Although the time in 2014 was not very long, the Canton Fair witnessed the growth of the foreign trade business of the Yuan. “Remember that in 2002, Liuhua was the first time to participate in the Canton Fair. When the company did not have its own booth, it took half a booth from others. By 2004, the company finally had its own booth, from then on. From 2 to 4 booths to 8 booths, the company’s foreign trade department has grown from the first two individuals to the now nearly 1,000 foreign trade bases. This road is the epitome and witness of the growth of the foreign trade.” Lu Zhenyu recalled.

Lu Zhenyu’s remarks allowed time to be traced back to 2008. The financial crisis brought a fatal blow to the world economy, but it brought opportunities to ERA. The low cost, low price, and high quality of ERA were the characteristics of “double low and high”. In the case of bulging wallets, we have highlighted our strengths, not only successfully survived the financial crisis, but also firmly rooted in the international market. And these should benefit from the platform and opportunities of the Canton Fair. Weng Yelong also said with emotion: "The Canton Fair has given us a platform to display, let ERA go out and let the world understand ERA. It gives us too much hope and sustenance, giving us more opportunities and challenges. From scratch, never People are interested in the trust of the people, from the initial export of several countries to now covering the five continents of the world, thanks to the Canton Fair.

In the future, the people of the Yuan Dynasty will continue to march forward and down the road, stepping forward toward the future and embracing the world.

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