New Cetificate And Test Report Of Our Products In 2019

Our AS1260 and BS1452 certificates have been updated in the 2019 version. At the same time, our PP products have also obtained ACS certificates. As for the PVC rain gutter, kitemark has provided our preliminary test report. I believe the certificate will be available soon.

Since its establishment thirty-five years ago, ERA has always attached importance to scientific research and development, and has continued research and development and innovation in products such as pipes, fittings, valves, etc., which has reached a high level in the transformation of technological achievements, and has been supported by many partners with high quality and high reputation. Favor.

The new product certificate obtained this time is undoubtedly an endorsement of our products, which will further promote the process of independent innovation and independent research and development of the company. In the future, ERA Group will continue to introduce high-quality talent teams to provide fundamental guarantee for independent innovation; pay more attention to independent innovation, protect intellectual property rights, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises; continue to increase investment in scientific research and enrich the stamina of innovation and development; further strengthen The company's technological innovation capability and the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements provide strong technical support for the company's sustained, healthy and rapid development, and strive to become the backbone of the pipeline industry's leapfrog development.

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