Jiang Huajiang, Member Of The Standing Committee Of Taizhou Municipal Committee, Visited The Solar Energy Research In ERA Group

Jiang Huajiang, member of the Standing Committee of Taizhou Municipal Committee, visited the solar energy research in ERA Group


On the morning of July 12, Jiang Huajiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Taizhou Municipal Committee, went to the solar energy research to discuss the impact of Sino-US trade friction on the company.

At the symposium, Chen Yunqing, general manager of ERA Solar, introduced the company's industrial structure and development status. He said that since the Sino-US trade war, the company's US line business has been affected to some extent. Last year, solar lamps were taxed at 10%, but this year it has increased to 25%. This has invisibly added a lot of pressure to the company. . The company's lighting products export to the US market is nearly 40%, and the low-voltage lamp project originally intended to go online can only be suspended. In order to reverse the unfavorable situation, the company's overseas market layout has been further adjusted. On the one hand, it actively consolidates the trade cooperation between large and medium-sized customers, on the other hand, accelerates the market competitiveness of its own brands, and actively explores emerging markets in the Belt and Road. With the termination of the EU “double reverse” last year, the door to the European market opened again, and the export of the company's components ushered in a major positive. Now the component production orders are full and the component business has re-entered the fast lane. In addition, it is accelerating the development of new products for the African just-needed market, enriching solar modules and solar applications. By substituting the development of alternative markets and alternative products to hedge the risks brought about by Sino-US trade frictions, the company's foreign trade situation is promising.

Jiang Huajiang, member of the Standing Committee of Taizhou Municipal Committee, expressed full affirmation of the clear development plan of ERA Solar and made several suggestions. He believes that in order to deal with trade frictions, foreign trade enterprises must be prepared in two ways: first, find alternative markets, follow policies, and develop new markets in the Belt and Road. Second, prepare alternative products and develop local needs for different regions and regions. The product can be opened for sale. Finally, the Bengbu City Bureau of Commerce must do a thorough investigation and continue to track and help enterprises, reduce corporate risks and improve business vitality.

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