ERA Solar Brings Photovoltaic Components To The 2019 Pakistan Solar Show

 On March 28th, the 8th Pakistan Solar Energy Exhibition was successfully held in Lahore International Convention and Exhibition Center, the second largest city in Pakistan. Although the border conflict between India and Pakistan has led to the cancellation of many flights, the traffic volume of the exhibition is still full, and the solar energy solar modules participate in the exhibition to help Pakistan's photovoltaic development.

       At this exhibition, ERA Solar is located at the main entrance of the gate. As soon as you enter the door, you can see ERA SOLAR at booth 2-086. Conciseness and atmosphere have always been the standard for booth decoration of ERA Solar. High quality and high performance have always been the lifeblood of ERA solar products. Enthusiasm and professionalism have always been the basic qualities of the solar energy business staff. At the show, ERA Solar demonstrated photovoltaic modules, solar charging backpacks and portable solar small systems. Photovoltaic modules can be used for power generation, plus the quality of ERA, which brings great convenience to the production and life of local residents and solves the problem of their long-term power consumption difficulties. The solar charging backpack EY8019 uses sunpower panels to bring great convenience to local residents. Where there is sunshine, you can continue to charge your mobile phone. The portable solar system integrates lighting, mobile phone charging, radio and MP3 playback functions, and is widely favored by customers to meet the daily needs of residents.

       During the exhibition, ERA solar products were particularly eye-catching in many booths, attracting the attention of many customers, and PV modules were the first to bear the brunt. The components of ERA brand have long been known in Pakistan for a long time, and many customers came up with a thumbs up and said: good quality! Driven by the introduction of some old customers, the new customer traffic continues to rise, which is also firm and confirmed the determination and confidence of ERA to develop high quality and high quality.

       At this year's event, the number of on-site orders for ERA solar products exceeded expectations. Xiaoyang, the solar salesman of ERA, told reporters excitedly: "Almost every three minutes or four people come to ask every minute. We don't even have time to receive the traffic. Although it is very hard, it is very fulfilling and happy."

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